Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Then I saw her face, now I'm a blog leaver....

Why people hate lawyers
A Southern California gambler is suing the Mirage, the Las Vegas casino, for taking his money when they KNEW he was a compulsive gambler. I think I'm going to sue capitalism, because I'm broke.

Deborah Gibson (formerly Debbie) is going to pose for Playboy. Save your quarters for that one, kids!

Ashcroft Ashcroft, all fall down.
The Washington Post informed me that former Attorney General John Ashcroft is something of a card. At his retirement ceremony Monday he was the focus of a “roast,” apparently, or its Calvinist equivalent; colleagues claimed that Ashcroft is a "warm and lighthearted man" who loves the St. Louis Cardinals, rides motocross bikes and skis, and has “been known to let loose with a not infrequent bad pun.”

This curious office behavior was also revealed: "He wiggles his toes, slips off his loafers . . . and balances them against each other pointing up toward the ceiling like a teepee." It sounds like he could have a possible career in vaudeville, if vaudeville wasn’t dead, and he wasn’t such a big asshole.

I love my gay Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob might be promoting a “gay agenda.” Apparently, according to Dr. James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, because Sponge Bob is joining other fictitious cartoon characters in a video which Dr. Dobson insists intends to “promote a ‘tolerance pledge’ that includes tolerance for differences of ‘sexual identity.’” The video, of course, contains no such thing. But why should we care if it did?

Scandinavia in the news!
The following headline amused me: “Norwegians confused by Bush.” It seems that the gesture he made on Inauguration Day – the index and pinkie finger raised in a salute – is considered a salute to Satan in Norway; in Texas, however, it’s just another lame testament to a goddam football team.

In Denmark, meanwhile, I learned that Ikea does not have the panache that it has in the U.S. There it’s considered the equivalent of CostCo. Not that that’s a bad thing.

And a group of 4,000 Icelandic citizens bought a full page ad in the NY Times protesting Iceland’s support of the US invasion of Iraq.

Duck’s Breath DVD
Buy one, damn it! A brand new Duck’s Breath web site is in the works. Will keep you informed.


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