Saturday, January 15, 2005

Happy Cartoon Fun!

Cartoon fun
Check out, on which an artist, as he puts it “decided to take a select few … popular [cartoon] characters and render their skeletal systems as I imagine they might resemble if one truly had eye sockets half the size of its head….”

You will find Before and After renderings of your cartoon favorites, including Hello Kitty, Tweety, Marvin the Martian, Pikachu, The Peanuts gang, and the PowerPuff Girls.

Reducing cute little Tweety to gaping eye sockets in an enormous head, with vestigial limbs- well, it’s not an artistic accomplishment ranking with the Sistine Chapel, but it’s certainly mildly disturbing. Have fun!

Excerpt from a movie review from an alternative universe?
“Whoopi Goldberg voices a mothering goat and has an affectionate, cranky rapport with Dustin Hoffman’s Shetland pony.”

More cartoon fun
Many cartoon characters have psychological and physical disorders. Sponge Bob, of course, being a sponge, faces many challenges, which he does with a chipper can-do attitude.

What about Tintin, though? Claude Cyr, professor of medicine in Quebec, did an analysis of the comic book hero for the Christmas edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. He wrote, “We hypothesize that Tintin has growth hormone deficiency… This could explain his delayed statural growth, delayed onset of puberty and lack of libido.”

According to Reuters, previous editions of the Journal revealed that “…Winnie the Pooh’s continuous search for honey was caused by obsessive compulsive disorder, Piglet needed anti-panic medication, while Eeyore was massively depressed.”

The authors of these studies may have had their tongues in their cheeks – a rare physical condition for professors, but not unheard of – but I’d be interested in hearing their thoughts on whether Goofy is a dog or not. Pluto is a dog, but he can’t talk. If Goofy IS a dog, why can he? What are the laws in that cartoon universe? And why does a mouse need a pet dog anyway?

In other news….
My computer has more or less died, and somehow I’ve managed to import various viruses and worms to the new one, which I am slowly but surely deleting between sneezes (did I mention I have a cold? Pity me!). I hope to return to the banal existence I led before disaster struck sometime over the next few days. This means a return to blogging, Duck’s Breath news (did I mention the DVD?), and an account of attending the Michael Tilson Thomas 60th Birthday gala at the San Francisco Symphony. Oh, it’s a madcap social whirl! And sneezing.


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