Monday, November 22, 2004

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Duck’s Breath DVD
Apparently, if X and Y and Z occur before Thanksgiving, the DVD will be ready to ship before the end of the month. What those letters indicate, I do not know, but producer/director Bill is frantic (as usual) and exhausted, and trying to get it all done. I haven’t spoken to him in several days, because he is dashing around trying to make sure that X Y and Z happen.

Had a long talk with Neil, our sterling executive producer, who had an excellent idea, promotion-wise (he used to be a marketing guy – still is, I guess), which I will share with you should the time come. If not, sorry, it will be our little secret.

Xmas already?
Last Friday, the wife and I hooked up with her old boss at the Hyatt downtown to watch the lights in the world’s largest hotel lobby get lit. It’s the sort of thing I used to do a lot when I was in my teens and fond of the reefer, but I hadn’t done in years.

We had to cross picket lines in order to witness the seasonal event, but since we didn’t purchase anything, I felt all right about it. The crowd was relatively sparse.

As we wandered around before the lighting, we came upon the locked-out hotel workers banging on objects, retail clerks wearing Santa hats (it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!!!), and a guy with a monkey, who was wearing a vest and a little monkey hat, which he would tip after snatching coins from the hands of three year olds.

Immediately preceding the lighting, we heard several local high school choirs, which were quite good, and were introduced to a gaggle of former Olympics winners (don’ t ask me why), including Katrina Witt. She made some remarks, none of which I understood. The acoustics were terrible.

The lights were magnificent, however, in a desperate corporate kind of way. The people putting this together seemed disheartened (hosts, bartenders, security), and looking for the worst - what that would have been I don’t know.

After the lighting, as we peeled off individually to the restrooms, in preparation for our trips home, a small boy of three was wandering the lobby, as his father engaged in intense conversation with a woman half his age.

He was a beautiful boy, in a blue tailored suit – it looked like something Philip Marlowe might wear, if he were a three year old boy. He was bored, because his father was engaged in intense conversation with a woman half his age. He started making faces and noises at people passing by.

Amy and I started making faces and noises back, and he came after us with a tubular pillow from one of the lounges, conveniently located for our comfort. Amy, when hit, would fall over. Of course, she was sitting on one of the convenient lounges, making it easy for her. When the boy started whacking me with the pillow, I made cute little “ow” noises, but that wasn’t enough for him.

“Faw down,” he demanded. “Faw down.”

Moral values not affecting teevee ratings!
From the New York Times:
“And over at Fox, Preston Beckman, the executive vice president for program planning, said he had some advice, however marginal, for producers pitching the networks. ‘Make sure that a lot of them are at least located in red states,’ he said. ‘And give the characters a dog.’”


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