Thursday, November 18, 2004

Run, don't walk.

Pac People
Researchers in Singapore, for reasons best known to them, have come up with a real life PAC MAN game. Instead of dots, the player picks up Bluetooth-enabled boxes. The game also involves GPS technology, head-mounted displays, and inertia sensors. If a ghost catches you, you are required to stop making “wokka wokka” noises immediately, then make a sound like a church organ melting, and wilt away to nothing. If the game is successful, the researchers next plan to do the same thing with DOOM. If they start playing it your neighborhood, get out. Get out now.

Related topic
A rancher in Texas, John Underwood, wants to offer remote control hunting on his spread via the Internet. According to Reuters, he has already spent “$10,000 to build a platform for a rifle and camera that can be remotely aimed on his 330-acre southwest Texas ranch….”

He told Reuters: “…an attendant would retrieve shot animals for the shooters, who could have the heads preserved by a taxidermist. They could also have the meat processed and shipped home….”

No wonder Webvan failed! It didn’t have rifles!

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates gets 4 millions emails a day, most of it spam.

When stars date
Designed primarily for film and television buffs, IMBd is being used more and more as a kind of romance filter by love-starved actors in Hollywood.

Aspiring actres Bree Turner told the Guardian: "It is the premier dating vessel for Hollywood….You can find out if the schmo is lying when he said he just wrapped Soderbergh's next feature or was the indie darling at Sundance. And you can see if he was an ex-porn-star because IMDb will put everything you have ever done on celluloid up."

When Castro speaks…
Fidel Castro says of the Osama bin Laden videotape, aired just ahead of the U.S. presidential election, ``We have seen too much ... trickery and shamelessness to sustain the belief that this wasn't something arranged.''

So there.

These boots are made for…
A new anthropology study claims that human beings were evolved to run. The study also claims that human beings have big buttocks (relatively) to help in running. Buttocks "keep you from pitching over on your nose each time a foot hits the ground," said a spokesperson.

Just proofed the cover art, and the process nears its end. Some actual release dates may be in the offing. By the way, more of my writings – and streaming audio! – can be found at


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that IMDB thing is hilarious. i use it to screen dream girlfriends too. 'course, IMDB doesn't give me their numbers.

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