Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Eyeless in Gaza, Naked in Cleveland

The Republicans in the House of Representatives approved a rules change today that will allow Tom DeLay to remain their leader, even if indicted in Texas on corruption charges. It’s another proud day for the Republic!

The Clinton Library, said to resemble a double-wide trailer supersized, or a space shuttle, is about to open in Little Rock, Arkansas. Several rooms are devoted to the “scandals,” but Monica Lewinsky’s dress, alas, will not be available for display. The library opens tomorrow (Thursday, another proud day for the Republic!

Locus of locusts…
…it appears to be Cairo, Egypt.

And the peanuts? Are they gone too?
In an effort to make cabin cleaning more efficient, American Airlines removed the passenger pillows from its 334 MD-80 jets this week.
A spokesman estimated this would save the airline "in the mid-six figures," not to mention the good will of its passengers.

City of lights, city of magic
For a report on a local photographer, Cleveland anchor Sharon Reed appeared nude, as one of hundreds who took part in the artist’s nude photo installation last June. News director Steve Doeer said that the story was intended to cover the artist – well-known in Cleveland - in a different way. And to increase ratings.

Christ on a crutch?
A Florida woman has put a cheese toastie up for grabs on e-Bay, asking for an opening price of $3,000 because the toastie contains the image of the Virgin Mary. In the cheese.
She first made the toastie ten years ago, and took a bite from it before she noticed the apparition. Since then she has kept it surrounded by wool in a plastic container.
Having examined the object (its picture anyway), it looks more like Marilyn Monroe to me.

While viewing the Duck’s Breath DVD, with my tester hat on, I spotted a blooper! I issued an immediate report, then rested on my laurels. The tester hat is back on the rack, and I’m ready to catch the final installment of CATEGORY 6 on CBS. The biggest storm in history is gonna hit Chicago, and there’s no way to warn the people! I hope Nancy McKeon gets to help somebody.


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