Tuesday, November 30, 2004

West and Wewaxation

Whose season is it anyway?
From Ann Coulter's Monday column:

“Admittedly, still reeling from the nastiest Democratic campaign since sorority rush at sniper school, the country could do with a little civility. But victorious Republicans behave like Warner Bros. gophers Mac 'n' Tosh: 'Awfully sorry, old boy.' 'No, not at all -- after you.' There's something to be said for coming out swinging. We won! The nation is lousy with red states! It's wabbit season!”

By “nastiest,” does she mean the Swift Boat ads? I think not. Who are these polite Republicans she’s talking about? Tom DeLay? Karl Rove?

And I’m confused by her metaphors. I don’t know what “sorority rush at sniper school” means, for instance – the snipers are shooting sorority sisters? Sororities are sniping each other? And what does a sorority rush at sniper school have to do with nasty Democratic campaigns? Is she saying that Democrats are sorority sisters? Is she saying that Democrats are snipers? Or that sorority girls are learning to be snipers? I don’t get it.

“Wabbit season” is a reference to a Warner Brothers cartoon in which Elmer Fudd, with shotgun, is hunting Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, as the two alternate in trying to convince Mr. Fudd, in a series of encounters, that it’s “duck season” or “rabbit season,” thus throwing Mr. Fudd’s unwelcome and hostile intentions onto the other. Each encounter ends, as I recall, with Daffy getting his head shot off, only to have it grow back again in a comical fashion.

Such cartoons are not being made today, nor shall we see their like again, I fear, not in today’s depleted cultural climate, in which SHREK is not considered dreck.

But if Ann Coulter does believe, as she asserts, that it is indeed wabbit season, again, who are the Democrats in that scenario? Are they the inept Elmer Fudd? Well no, Fudd’s not really inept in this particular cartoon. He gets the duck every time. They’re certainly not Bugs, because he’s a winner, and Ann Coulter does not consider Democrats winners. Are they Daffy Duck? Certainly, he’s the loser in this cartoon, being shot frequently, but on the other hand, there is no permanent damage to him, and he keeps bouncing back.

And who are the Republicans? If they’re Elmer, well, he’s pretty easily led by the nose by Bugs Bunny, isn’t he? If the Republicans are Bugs, why would Ms. Coulter be so gleeful about proclaiming it “wabbit season?” Isn’t that encouraging the Fudds of the world to take pot shots at them? And if they’re Daffy, why on earth would Ann Coulter want to be an exploding duck?

Maybe she means we’re all exploding ducks at sniper school? If you think about it it’s the only way her political analysis makes any sense.

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Blogger Jonathan Harford said...

Congratulations, #1 Google result for “west and wewaxation”!

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Re: "west and wewaxation," I'd like to thank the Academy, and the GOogle search engine, for this tremendous honor.

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