Monday, November 29, 2004

Mind Blogging

Fahren fahren fahren
In article about smart cars in the New York Times last week, a driver was quoted about his automobile, which responds to vocal commands. The driver said, "You can say, find bank, find A.T.M., find gas station."

The smart car doesn’t seem to like adjectives, adverbs, or articles. Is the smart car the Incredible Hulk? Let me put it another way, "Is car Hulk?"

Cosmetic justice
Ray Krone, once called the "snaggletooth killer," spent ten years in prison (four on death row) for a murder he did not commit. DNA evidence freed him in 2002, and now ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER is going to straighten his teeth, give him a nose job, smooth out his skin, etc. Producer Julie Loughlin told Reuters, "Hopefully, we will give him back the 10 years he lost."

Unfortunately, rhinoplasty does not give back lost years.

Log rolling to make an important point
R. Emmett Tyrell, editorializing in the Washington Times:

"History takes time. To understand the historic decline of the Democratic Party I have found it useful to reach back to a book I wrote in 1984, THE LIBERAL CRACK-UP. It is a diagnosis of what was then the core philosophy of the Democratic Party, liberalism, and a prognosis of its future. Doctor Tyrrell was not optimistic, but history takes time."

He needs to refer to his own book to come up with that? History takes time? Of
course history takes time! What else COULD it take?

Can you fear me now?
AP: "Safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire in the past two years, usually because of bad batteries or chargers."

More wishful thinking from a blue state in a brown study.
From Salon:

"The illusion of a predominant ‘moral values’ voting bloc has much to do with the fact that the most traditional and socially conservative Americans, pre-baby boomers, are living much longer lives and voting in very large numbers -- skewing exit polls and thus our image of the mainstream. Once younger voters begin to replace them, the socially conservative vote will return to the margins of American life."

Or, an alternative future: Young Republicans will set you on fire in the public square and put your head on a stake.

Our first e-mail announcement about the Duck’s Breath DVD goes out tomorrow to all those wonderful folks who (as they say in Internet-speak) "opted in" to our mailing list. (If you want to be on it, by the way, drop me a line: Bill Allard has done a wonderful job spearheading this project.


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