Tuesday, March 01, 2005

booka blog!

A personal moment
There’s a homeless woman in my neighborhood, Valerie, who’s always singing nonsense songs into empty coffee cups. I was coming out of a shop, and bumped into her. She smiled, showing her upper gums and lower teeth, and said (I think) “The plane is perfect. Love in the truck stop.” Then she turned away, turned back, winked at me, and said, “The plane. The plane. Perfect.” Then she fisted the air with both arms, like a football player who’d just made a touchdown, and shouted, “Booka!”

We’re not in Oz any more.
This from the Lawrence Journal-World, out of Kansas:

“And concluding his backyard speech with a litany of Democratic values, he (Howard Dean) added: ‘This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good.’

“When told of Dean's remarks, Derrick Sontag -- executive director of the Kansas Republican Party -- said he was ‘shocked.’

“‘My immediate reaction to that whole dialogue is, it's full of hatred,’ Sontag said. ‘The Democratic Party has elected a leader that's full of hatred.’”

And what is the executive director of the Kansas Republican Party full of? Anybody?

Ann Coulter wants to be a liberal?
From her column:

“The heretofore-unknown Jeff Gannon of the heretofore-unknown 'Talon News' service was caught red-handed asking friendly questions at a White House press briefing. Now the media is hot on the trail of a gay escort service that Gannon may have run some years ago. Are we supposed to like gay people now, or hate them? Is there a Web site where I can go to and find out how the Democrats want me to feel about gay people on a moment-to-moment basis?”

Anybody want to start a website for her? Sounds like she needs some help.

Gannon news!

He's back!

The crawl at the top of the site says, "So feared by the left, they had to take me down."

He writes, "If I had been a liberal reporter with the salacious past now attributed to me, I would be the Grand Marshall of the next Gay Pride Parade as well as a media darling, able to give softball interviews. But because I am a conservative, they continue to try to smear me with allegations of behavior that they otherwise would vigorously defend."

In his column he also uses the word "operative," and nowhere refers to himself as gay. Ann Coulter? He's single!


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