Monday, February 14, 2005

Blogged to extinction

Two journalists down, how many to go?
Eason Jordan, the chief news executive at CNN, resigned Friday, following protest over his remarks in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Mr. Jordan apparently told the assembled that the United States military had deliberately killed 12 journalists.

Bloggers were on this story like fleas on a dog, and the New York Times today said “bloggers have laid claim to a prominent media career for the second time in five months,” the first one being Jack Gannon's, who resigned from Talon News, when bloggers discovered that Jack Gannon wasn’t his real name, and Talon News is apparently just a Republican front. Bloggers became suspicious of Gannon when he asked President Bush at a press conference how he was going to work with Democrats, because they are “people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality.” Neither journalist seems to have been operating under high standards of objectivity.

Blogospheroids are in the habit of referring to mainstream media as “MSM,” because without acronyms, we are nothing.

This is Dirty Harry, we’re talking about, right?
Now Clint Eastwood is going down, man. That pinko is history!

Rush Limbaugh has called his movie, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, "liberal propaganda," because it supposedly endorses euthanasia. Michael Medved’s opinion of the movie? “Hate is not too strong a word.” Conservative Debbie Schlussel called the movie a “left-wing diatribe.” I thought it was a boxing picture. What do I know? And why don’t these idiots just throw popcorn at the screen like normal people?

New Study!
A new study claims that lobsters don’t feel pain. Pity. Personally, I want them to suffer before I eat them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, bloggers think they've cornered the market on acronyms, but they've got nothing on the aviation industry. There, they've even got three letter acronyms where one of the letters stands for another three letter acronym.

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