Saturday, February 05, 2005

Super. Just Super.

Super Bowl Mania
I’m trying to feel the Super Bowl excitement. Well, okay I’m not. I’ve always hated professional football, and the Superbowl can actually make me physically ill. There’s something about the white noise of the crowd, the constant chatter of the announcers, and the pointless spectacle of large men I don’t know smashing into each other in an effort to increase income for themselves and their respective teams, only to be washed up at thirty-five with wobbly kneecaps, no job prospects, and no social security to look forward to. Fun!

Social Security
I’m trying to feel the Social Security reform excitement. But I have a hunch that besides young people who can afford not to worry about what’s going to happen financially when they’re 65, the only people really excited about Social Security reform are investment bankers, who are hovering around that pile of cash like the Mafia and a union fund.

A public transportation moment
I was on the crowded train with my groceries at my feet, when the train came to a stop and a wizened Chinese man moved to get off. I bent over to move my groceries, but the man stepped over them, then turned back to me, waggled a finger at me and said, “Eh! Stupid guy!”

Bar sinister codes?
In an effort to stem organ theft from corpses, UC Berkeley is considering the installation of bar codes or radio frequency devices on cadavers.

Speaking of corpses, California (always on the cutting edge) recently passed a law making necrophilia illegal.

Duck’s Breath dvd news
We are about to launch our very own web site with just OODLES of fun stuff on it, and a chance to order our DVD (of course). This space will keep you informed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally! Someone else who doesn't give a hoot about "pro football"

Consider updating the title block on your blog to change the reference to the upcoming Ducks Breath DVD to read something like, "The Hilarious and truly wonderful DVD that WILL change your life for the better!" It'll grow hair, help you loose weight, and get you a better job!

I really like that DVD!

Rex in Naperville

11:20 PM  

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