Thursday, February 17, 2005


I was on a very crowded bus, stopped, when I heard a commotion in front of me, the participants of which I could not see.

A man was saying, sarcastically, “That’s right, take the seat. Even though there’s nothing wrong with you.”

The person he was scorning said something which I could not hear.

The man responded: “The moral values in this fucking city!”

A few moments later, the bus moved on. Looking out the rear door window, I saw a very large man in an Hawaiian shirt, holding a very large toddler gazing angrily down the street. A very large pre-teen boy stood beside them, looking embarrassed.

My take: red stater visits blue state, finds himself disappointed.

Walking home with my wife, we saw a gaggle of skateboarding boys (five, count ‘em, five) were practicing stunts at the 23rd and Irving N-Judah stop, which has a raised concrete platform, perfect for skateboarding antics.

I was amused to see one of them almost fall off his board as we walked by.

Gloria, the gypsy psychic, who lives and works just across from the Muni stop, was predictably glaring out her window at the young people. A car drove by, trying to get through the milling kids, and honked its horn.

As it slowed, and then passed by, a white kid lifted his head, and muttered, “Fuck you honky.”

My take: young honky is living in denial of his own honkiness.

But remember: skateboarding is not a crime.

I was ahead of the curve, MSM-wise, but behind the curve, blog-wise, when I made my (hopefully) snarky remarks about Jack Gannon recently. I am extremely interested to see where this goes, if anywhere. Gay hooker/fake reporter: what is up with that?

This launches on Monday. Please go there.


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