Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Put Things In Perspective Blog


Over the past few months, various hindrances have been thrown in the way of these aging yet still trampling feet. Not the least of which was the total loss of my computer, and all content thereon, going back six years. Luckily, I had backed up SOME of my files. But not enough to forestall a kind of despair, sense of helplessness, and (yes) a certain amount of relief (forty plus pieces of stalled writing I don’t have to think about any more!).

I am back up, and am once more a Mac guy. Certainly, PCs are cheaper, but the whole being-devastated-by-malware-on-a-regular-basis-despite-firewalls-and-virus-removal-programs thing proved finally to be too much. I still think Steve Jobs is a dick, however.

The Beatles! On iTunes!

Oh boy! Yet another opportunity for fans to buy the entire catalog in an entirely new format! Thank you, Steve Jobs!

Oh, and…

The day my PC crashed and died, back in September, I learned that our cozy little rental was going to go on the auction block, because our landlady owes close to half a million dollars to the mortgage company.

And I turned 61, and my mother, calling to wish me a happy birthday, informed me that my father had had another small stroke (this is three). He was fine, or fine-ish. He’s 89. When I envision his brain I envision Jenga. Little pieces keep getting removed. Sooner rather than later, it will fall over.

So then…

Trying to recover whatever notes I have for the new show I’m working on…

It is strange. I have half of pieces of a piece. Looking through them, I wonder whether I should just throw it all away and start over, or build on what is there. But what is there?

There is not only my own diffidence to overcome: after all, I am no longer a young man, and could do other things with my time than mount another damn satirical revue. I could read. Work on my novel. (Wait. Do I have a novel? Oh no! Gone!)

Plus, I am burdened with a suspicion that America has become both stupid and insane.

And what is what?

I have been further disheartened by our recent election, though not as disheartened as I could have been, I suppose.

I was heartened that a blatant troglodyte in Alaska was defeated by a write-in candidate. And I was heartened that Sharon Angle went down in flames. Both of whom were endorsed by Ms. Palin.

In conclusion then…

The show will go on!

Chile today, hot tamale

Even as the Chilean miners were released, I heard many discussions worrying that the plight of the miners was not yet over. There will be nightmares. There will be post-traumatic stress syndrome. Though I would think, if I can act like an expert for a minute, and put myself in their shoes, I would put everything that happens from now on in the category of not being trapped in a mine.

Oh no, my computer died. Boo.

I’m not trapped in a mine! Yay!

Oh no, I am buffaloed by life. Boo.

I’m not trapped in a mine! Yay!