Monday, October 03, 2005

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Blog spam?
Over the past week, I’ve gotten dozens of laudatory comments on my blog, from people with links to their blogs: on horse racing, Disney vacations, permanent laser hair removal, and Dating Ideas, among others.

Dahlia Lithwick in Slate, on Intelligent Design:
Now, if we apply the ID principle to particle physics, no one ever needs to put on a lab coat again. Quarks and leptons? They're made of God. And so are quartz and leprechauns.

Re: DeLay
I had no idea that Texas had laws against certain forms of campaign contributions. I had no idea that Texas had laws.

Randy Newman interview in Houston Press
"It's heartbreaking," says Newman, who was born in New Orleans and still had family there, all evacuated safely. His voice is suddenly quiet, hesitant. "Everyone talks about, and justifiably so, the music and the food and the spirit of the people of the town, which is this kind of…carefree feeling. New Orleans just always had this kind of inefficiency that I love. You know, it was never a place you'd wanna get your car fixed. It's early to write the obituary on the town, but right now it's…hard to be carefree. It hurts very much."

From popbitch:
"Courtney Love's father gave her LSD from the age of four. He would also take some himself, then paint on her naked body and watch her run around in an entertainingly confused state. "

What loving father doesn't do this? This is news why?

From kausfiles
Liberal position: Racist neglect caused poor New Orleans residents to suffer from the unspeakable things that only a racist would assume actually happened!

Conservative position: A fatherless underclass culture caused poor New Orleans residents to do the unspeakable things the anti-Bush MSM falsely reported they did!

My weekend:
It was my birthday. The Unspeakable Wife and I rented a car and went to Gilroy, of all places. As it happens, we both really like the funky downtowns of central California. They remind us of the midwest, from which we both hail - only with palm trees, and Latinos in cowboy hats. Mainly we wanted to go somewhere hot, and stay at a motel with cable television. Both those goals were accomplished, along with consuming an astonishingly bland meal at the local steak house.

We also wanted to go to Bonfante Gardens, a theme park created by one of the founders of the Nob Hill supermarket chain, Michael Bonfante, to share his love of trees. I like trees. The Unspeakable Wife likes trees. And we both like theme parks, especially if the theme is kind of… fuzzy. So off we went!

Bonfante Gardens did not disappoint (though the admission was a bit price-y.) After our bags were thoroughly searched by a young man in a security uniform, we were greeted by senior citizens in vests. Just like Wal Mart! There were many trees (including a series of cedars, twisted into various unusual shapes, called Circus Trees), and plants. And a roller coaster. Our favorite ride was a Tilt-a-Whirl kind of thing, in which we were enclosed in large garlic bulbs, and spun around. (Gilroy is the Garlic Capital of the World.) We also enjoyed the teenagers who operated the rides, all of whom seemed so stunned by boredom, they might soon expire from it.

O.J. Simpson was present at a comic book convention in Los Angeles last week. According to the AP, “… he was charging $95 for photos and T-shirts signed by Simpson, and $125 for autographed football jerseys and helmets. But one fan who turned up, Joseph Wells, 41, said he paid $200 for an autographed jersey.” Only a dozen or so attendees took up his kind offer.

This just in!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter HOW TEMPTING it might be, please don't succumb to these ploys. If you have all your hair removed, and then cover your bald pate with a Mouseketeer cap to take dates to the track, your wife MIGHT not approve!


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, the most fun this weekend was hauling bags of cow and chicken manure back home in the trunk of the rental car.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Merle Kessler said...

I think I might start a chicken manure blog and spam myself. This could create a kind of information loop that would not only change the Internet as we know it, but create arable soil for ourselves and our progeny.

5:38 PM  

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