Thursday, September 22, 2005


Changes at 60 MINUTES, from AP:
“Instead of his booming voice announcing, ‘I’m Mike Wallace,’ at the beginning of each broadcast, Wallace will instead be at the end of the opening segment, saying ‘these stories and Andy Rooney, tonight on 60 MINUTES.’

“Wallace is expected to have a more limited role on the show, with five or six stories this season, said Jeff Fager, 60 MINUTES’ executive producer.

“’In some ways it fits even better with what his role is on the broadcast these days,’ Fager said. ‘Mike still has it. He still pulls it off. Sometimes he can’t remember what he had for breakfast but he can still pin someone down on an interview.’”

Tonight: “Soft Foods You Can Enjoy,” “Those Look Like Comfortable Shoes,” and “Speak Up Young Fella!” Those stories and Andy Rooney, complaining about small print and kids today, tonight on 60 MINUTES.

FEMA? Get me a fleet of buses, a first-aid kit, and a dictionary.
There are only four names left for tropical storms and hurricanes this year: Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma.

This just in….
In Croatia, artist Sinisa Labrovic has launched a satire of reality shows, starring sheep instead of people. After a 10-day competition, the winning sheep will be honored with poetry. The losers will be eaten.

On her talk show the other day, Tyra Banks dismissed the men from the audience, then brought in Dr. Garth Fisher from EXTREME MAKEOVER, who then examined her breasts for implants, and did a sonogram. Conclusion: her breasts are real.

From his column:
For two full days, George W. Bush was bashed. He was taken to task on his handling of stem cell research, population control, the Iraq war and, especially, Hurricane Katrina. The critics were no left-wing bloggers. They were rich, mainly Republican and presumably Bush voters in the last two presidential elections.

The Bush-bashing occurred last weekend at the annual Aspen conference sponsored by the New York investment firm Forstmann Little & Co. Over 200 invited guests, mostly prestigious, arrived Thursday night (many by private aircraft) and stayed until Sunday morning for more than golf, hikes and gourmet meals. They faithfully attended the discussions presided over by PBS's Charlie Rose on such serious subjects as "global poverty and human rights" and "the 'new' world economy." The connecting link was hostility to President Bush.

The bravery of Novak (italics mine)
I was surprised that the program indicated the first panel, on stem cell research, consisted solely of scientists hostile to the Bush administration's position. In the absence of any disagreement, I took the floor to suggest there are scientists and bioethicists with dissenting views and that it was not productive to demean opposing views as based on "religious dogma." The response was peeved criticism of my intervention and certainly no support.

I felt constrained to argue against implications that Hurricane Katrina should cause the president to rediscover race and poverty. My comments again generated more criticism from the audience and obvious exasperation by Charlie Rose. Indeed, after the closing dinner Saturday night, the moderator made clear he was displeased by my conduct.

After the first two panels, I feared I was the odd man out in accepting Teddy Forstmann's invitation. But during a break, one of the president's closest friends -- who had remained silent -- thanked me profusely for my comments. That set a pattern. Throughout the next two days, men and women who were mute publicly thanked me privately for speaking up. When I said nothing during one panel discussion, some people asked me why I was silent.

Ha ha ha! Ann Coulter makes fun of dead people!
From her column:
Democrats are so excited about Hurricane Katrina, they're thinking of moving "Camp Casey" to an area outside the National Weather Service. What they haven't figured out yet is how Richard Perle and the "neocons" cooked up a hurricane that targeted only black people. Meanwhile, rescuers in New Orleans have discovered a lower-than-expected 424 dead bodies or, as they're known to liberals, "registered Democratic voters."


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I loathe that woman. She must have been harshly toilet trained as a toddler. Or maybe she hates liberals and democrats because Bill Clinton never tried to get it on with her.

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