Sunday, August 21, 2005


Once again the MSM got it wrong.
Skyler DeLeon, on the lam somewhere San Diego, suspected of killing a couple to steal their yacht, was described by the Associated Press as having been a child actor, and as having appeared in the series MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

Imagine how cool it would be if Blue Ranger, say, turned out to be a psychotic criminal. (Did I say “cool?” I meant “bizarre.”)

So I Googled the guy, and Googled Power Rangers. As near as I can tell, the guy was nowhere near that show, and probably wouldn’t even know a Megazord from a Krybot.

True, Blue Ranger’s name is Schuyler Tate, but that’s still a long way from San Diego.

My blue home.
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, in its ongoing effort to make San Francisco the favorite whipping boy for conservatives everywhere, voted 8-3 not to allow the warship USS Iowa to be docked here.

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi said , "If I was going to commit any kind of money in recognition of war, then it should be toward peace, given what our war is in Iraq right now."

Instead, it’s probably going to Stockton, California, a Des Moines-ish city, which knows a tourist attraction when it sees one.

Hunter Thompson RIP
Hunter Thompson’s ashes were successfully incorporated into a spectacular fireworks display last Saturday.

I am reminded of this story, from the Arizona Outdoorsman:

“The widow of an expert on vintage shotguns had her husband's ashes loaded into cartridges and used by friends for the last shoot of the season.

“Joanna Booth organized the shoot for 20 close friends on an estate in Aberdeenshire after asking a cartridge company to mix the ashes of her husband James with traditional shot.”

When I go, I want my ashes to be incorporated into an Etch-a-Sketch.

PC hits Down Under.
According to Reuters, security guards at Parliament House in Canberra were directed to refer to people as sir or ma’am. Apparently, people in Austalia are in the habit of calling each other “mate” in lieu of more formal address. “The ban was imposed after the head of a government department complained about being called mate, local media reported.”

This unnamed stuffed shirt’s victory was shortlived, however. A storm of protest from both high and low caused the removal of the directive.

Cindy Sheehan
I’ve been following this story with curiosity and revulsion.

On the one hand, I have to admire Ms. Sheehan for her staunchness in the face of the really nasty stuff being thrown at her by the right. On the other hand, I still don’t quite know what she hoped to accomplish with her Crawford vigil. I am also revolted by left’s attempt to make her a galvanizing force for the anti-war movement.

It seems like everybody’s co-opting her grief to serve an agenda.
More idiocy
Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee agreed with President Bush that intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution in public schools. Citing a “pluralistic society,” Senator Frist said this approach "doesn't force any particular theory on anyone." As if teaching kids the basics of biology is forcing a theory on them.

A recent Gallup poll (Agh! Poll!) revealed that only about a third of the U.S. population believe that Darwin’s theory of evolution is supported by evidence.

That could be because our leaders appear either to form their scientific opinions through expedience, ignorance, and/or idiocy.

To believers in “intelligent design,” I urge you to take a look at the dachshund. This beast was bred by humans, not God, for the purpose of hunting badgers. Today it makes an excellent pet, though prone to back problems. Look at the horse. It was bred by humans to be ridden. Sometimes evolution is more than mere random selection. Sometimes it’s intentional. Look at the mule. Look at your house cat. Look at your children. Look in your flower pots, for God’s sake. Even the Bible itself evolved over years!


Anonymous Wende said...

Etch-A-Sketch. Priceless. Although the image of my grand children walking around with my ashes in their toy is a bit unnerving. "Billy, stop shaking your grandmother!" Oy! Good thing I won't be around to see it!

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this guy is a real peice of work. I was in jail with him and he tried to extort 2000 dollars from anotherr inmate, he is a pos!

9:38 PM  

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