Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Ongoing Implosion

Novak snaps!
The columnist, heretofore untouched by the mysterious Valerie Plame affair, walked off the set of CNN’s INSIDE POLITICS last Thursday, just after he said, "Well, I think that's bullshit, and I hate that. Just let it go."

Some say the rabid basset’s exit was prompted by the needling of James Carville, but alert bloggers noticed the presence of a WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA on the table in front of host Ed Henry. You may recall that Robert Novak claimed recently that he hadn’t really outed Valerie Wilson (Plame) as a CIA agent - information about her can be gleaned freely from WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA. I have seen the entry on her, however. All it says is that she is married to Joseph Wilson (calling her Valerie Plame, though she uses the name Wilson in real life), and does not list her employer.


I dunno. I don’t know what any of this means, but I do love to see public figures implode before me! Especially if I don’t like their politics. Hey, I’m only human.

Remember Martha Stewart on CBS’ Early Show back in 2002? Asked about her legal troubles, Ms. Stewart told host Jane Clayton that “I want to focus on my salad.” She was chopping leafy things at the time.

Of course, that wasn’t really an implosion. Martha never implodes. As a matter of fact, Novak should have taken a page from her book. Instead of walking off the set, he should have said, “I want to focus on my salad.” It wouldn’t have made any sense, I guess, but it probably would have shut James Carville up for a few seconds, which is pretty much always a good thing.

Before Novak snapped….
They were talking about Katherine Harris’ partial meltdown. You remember her. She was the Secretary of State in Florida during the Gore/Bush dangling chad election thing. She ruled against a ballot recount, which led to much unpleasantness still lingering today, though overshadowed by much larger unpleasantnesses.

Now she’s running for the Senate. Pursuing that noble venture, she consented to be interviewed by conservative radio host Sean Hannity, where she confessed to be hurt by various satirical jabs at her, specifically on her appearance. Jay Leno, for example, had joked that a Florida cold snap had been so chilly that Ms. Harris had “put on a third layer of makeup.''

Ms. Harris told Hannity, “I'm actually very sensitive about those things, and it's personally painful. But … you know, whenever they made fun of my makeup, it was because the newspapers colorized my photograph.''

The Mainstream Media, so far, have denied the charges, but you know how they are, with their Photoshop and liberal biases.

Novak, responding to the story, told Ed Henry, ”I've had the same experience that she did. A lot of my trouble in the world is that they've doctored my make-up and colorized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. So, I sympathize with her.”

I think he was joking, but if you look at the tape, it’s hard to tell. And he did walk off the show a minute or so later.

So anyway, Martha Stewart….
She just got her sentence extended (three more weeks under house arrest), because she violated the rules of her probation by going to a bookstore and a yoga class. The fiend! Hanging’s too good for her!

She should have known better. Hasn’t she heard the news from Norway?

The News from Norway.
From the Associated Press:

A Norwegian prison has stopped giving yoga sessions to inmates after finding that some of the prisoners became more aggressive and agitated, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The yoga classes were introduced on at trial basis earlier this year at Ringerike prison, which holds some of Norway's most dangerous criminals.

Prison officials had hoped mediation and breathing exercises would help inmates contain their anger, but it appeared to have the opposite effect.

Some inmates became more agitated and aggressive, while others developed sleeping problems as a result of the yoga sessions, prison warden Sigbjoern Hagen told newspaper Ringerikes Blad. Hagen said that deep breathing exercises could make the inmates more dangerous, by unblocking their psychological barriers.

And what does my child bride say?
“Yoga kills.”

I think she said those very words to Sigbjoern Hagen. But did Sigbjoern listen? Sadly, no.

Wingnut check
Here is a most excellent conspiracy theory, from a comment posted on

ABC has a new TV series upcoming this Fall, I did not get the name of it, but the gist is that a President has a stroke and is incapacatated (sic) long term. His VP, must take over. His VP is a WOMAN. They try to talk her out of taking the oath of office, but she "gets tough" and chooses to "go for it."

Based on what I heard, and a little common sense, I believe the series is SOLELY to desensitize voters about having a female President...much like many of the "gay" shows were to desensitize the average American that it was an "acceptable life style". (sic) And it worked.


Well, they want Hillary to win, and they've got to do the desensitizing long before the election, but not so far away that it's forgotten.

Count on it being promoted big time, and by the big-time Hollywood types. Count on guest appearances of any/every big liberal name out there. This is the most definate (sic) sign that she will be running, as her Hollywood cohorts try to clear her a path to the White House via a fictional show run on prime time TV.

What does Geena Davis have to say?
She is the WOMAN playing the VP in the ABC series created by the sinister liberal cabal, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.

She told some bored reporter or other: "I consider myself incredibly fortunate in that I play so many different kinds of parts in virtually every genre from period to comedy, drama and action. I loved that I went straight from being an incredibly deadly assassin in Long Kiss Goodnight to the mother of a mouse. I just thought that was fabulous. I think it's equally interesting to go from that to the leader of the free world."

She told another bored reporter or other: "I really find the parts of myself that the character has. So I believe that we all have everything within us, the ability to be a killer or the girlfriend of an insect."

I give the series three weeks.

Its creator, Rod Lurie, a Democrat and fan of Hillary, did, however tell the press, "If Hillary Clinton should get the nomination, we're all taking credit."

I give Hillary Clinton three weeks.

Desensitize me! Quick!


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