Wednesday, July 27, 2005

blog to end all blogs

That king of innuendo, god of backroom whispers, emperor of directmail, and alleged leaker, Karl Rove, may have a sex life.

New York Daily News:

President Bush's deputy chief of staff and foremost fishwife is fending off whispers about his friendship with lobbyist Karen Johnson.

The two are said to have gotten acquainted when Johnson sat on the board of then-Gov. George W. Bush's Business Council.

"Their friendship reportedly deepened after Bush appointed Johnson - a little-known spokesperson for the Texas Good Roads Association - to a seat on his Transportation Department transition team in 2000," reports. "The plum appointment enabled Johnson's lobbying firm, Infrastructure Solutions, to snare such high-paying clients as Aetna and the City of Laredo."

Johnson now travels frequently between Washington, D.C., and Austin, where she often appears at Rove's side at parties, according to Radar.

"Although there is no evidence that their relationship is anything but professional, the close association between the married White House aide and the comely lobbyist has long raised eyebrows in conservative Texas circles," the mag reports.

Raising eyebrows

“…such high-paying clients as Aetna and the City of Laredo.”

The City of Laredo? Is that really a feather in a lobbyist’s cap?

And what kind of company name is Infrastructure Solutions? Doesn’t this sound like a cover to you? Clearly, this “Karen Johnson,” if that’s her real name, is some kind of spy. Let's out her!

Raising eyebrows2
Does anybody really raise an eyebrow any more? These days it seems we’re more given to shouting hoarsely at those of whom we disapprove.

The wives speak.

Mrs. Blair: "Nothing I say here could possibly be construed as making light of these horrific acts of violence, or of the responsibility imposed on the UK and other governments to keep the public safe. At the same time, it is all too easy for us to respond to such terror in a way which undermines commitment to our most deeply held values and convictions and which cheapens our right to call ourselves a civilised nation. The Government, even in times when there is a threat to national security, must act strictly in accordance with the law. In our troubled times, where terrorism, division and suspicion of others, are the order of the day, this role for judges is perhaps more vital than ever before."

Mr. Blair: "It is very important to protect our way of life and it is important to protect our security. I think probably, to be fair, if you read the whole of the speech she was saying the same thing."

Mrs. Bush (on a Supreme Court nominee): "Sure, I would really like for him to name another woman. Whether it's a woman or a man, of course, I have no idea.”

Mr. Bush: “I can't wait to hear her advice in person when she gets back."

Burn Baby Burn

Back in the day, the late Huey P. Newton was a co-founder of the militant Black Panthers. The Huey P. Newton Foundation, a non-profit organization out of Oakland, wants to trademark the phrase, “Burn Baby Burn,” which will then be placed on a hot sauce, and marketed as a fundraising device.

“Burn Baby Burn” began life as a phrase with the famous Los Angeles disc jockey, Magnificent Montague, back in the fifties and sixties, who would utter it before spinning a hot platter. During the Watts Riots in 1965, the phrase was taken up by rioters as they set fires and looted - which kind of took the fun out of the phrase.

Further fun was removed by the Black Panther Party, formed in 1966, who enjoyed posing grimly for photographs with loaded weapons. Some of them died in gun battles with police.

Considering the Panther’s and phrase’s history, many conservatives object to the Huey P. Newton Foundation’s using this particular phrase for its hot sauce. Huey P. Newton, you may recall, was convicted of manslaughter for killing a policeman. He was later accused of killing a prostitute, and fled to Cuba for three years, then returned and was acquitted. Later, he was convicted of embezzling funds from a Panther school fund to finance his various bad habits. He was killed by a drug dealer in 1989. Put some of that on your taco, baby!

On the other hand, these are kinder gentler times for non-profit organizations. They’re more about PowerPoint and action items than taking the struggle to the street. We don’t do revolutions any more (unless they're revolutions in marketing). Instead, we raise awareness.

And the phrase, “Burn Baby Burn” eventually evolved from an angry shout on a fiery street to a joyous call to shake your booty on the dance floor - the streets on fire became the disco inferno.

(“Disco Inferno” is also the name of a recent track made by the rapper 50 Cent, in which he declares, “Little mama show me how you move it, go ahead put your back into it, do your thing like there aint nothing to it,” a sentiment to which I believe both Magnificent Montague and Huey Newton might be sympathetic.)

All things considered, I would much rather see “Burn Baby Burn” on my sizzling links than hear it shouted from a mob bent on burning down my house. But that's just me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words about my father the Magnificent Montague, I let him know about your blog and he was quite pleased.
Martin Montague

12:51 PM  

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