Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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NASA’s probe: inappropriate?
Spokesman sez: “We touched a comet and we touched it hard.”

And from Russia, this.
I have been informed by the Associated Press that Russian astrologer “Marina Bai has sued the U.S. space agency, claiming the Deep Impact probe that punched a crater into the comet Tempel 1 late Sunday ‘ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe'….”

I’ll bet she’s a Virgo.

And this:
From Reuters: “A young Russian man who dressed in women's clothes to take an exam for his sister was caught after his oversize bust gave him away, Interfax news agency reported Monday. The youth's ‘unusually prominent female features,’ and heavy make-up drew security guards' attention and they stopped him from taking the test, Yasen Zasursky, dean of Moscow State University's journalism faculty, told the agency.”

I'll bet he's not a Virgo.

The free market in action.
Apparently the G8 Summit is sponsored in part by the Ford Motor Company. Why do I find that depressing?

News from Ground Zero
The new design for the new “Freedom Tower” is in, and boy does it suck.

From the review in the NYT: The new obelisk-shaped tower, which stands on an enormous 20-story concrete pedestal, evokes a gigantic glass paperweight with a toothpick stuck on top. (The toothpicklike spire was added so that the tower would reach its required height of 1,776 feet.)”

1,776 feet? As James Wolcott asked in his blog, why not 911 feet?

Designed to“…withstand a major bomb blast, the base will be virtually windowless. In an effort to animate its exterior, the architects say they intend to decorate it in a grid of shimmering metal panels. A few narrow slots will be cut into the concrete to allow slivers of natural light into the lobby.”

Mm. Sounds inviting. A bombproof skyscraper on the site where thousands died. Can I work there?

In other news:
Karl Rove may be the anonymous White House official who outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent to the media. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that were true?

Of course, I’m speaking as a liberal – an actual liberal, mind you, who believes that it’s not a bad thing when a government provides services and incentives for its citizens. So keep that in mind when I say I would love to see Karl Rove led in handcuffs to a courtroom and tried for treason. That would be cool!

And I like Howard Dean too. I like that the right wing think he’s intemperate – and they ought to know. It’s always touching when the right wing concerns itself with the health of Democrats.

A headline I saw at Salon.
“Can bloggers change the face of politics?”
Uh. No. Once the MSM decides they’re not a threat, they (um, we, I guess) will all go back to being the 21st Century equivalent of ham radio, only with snarling.


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