Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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That unctuous FEMA guy
Michael Brown, in testimony before Congress, blamed Democrats in Louisiana for the response failure after Katrina. He could deal with the Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama just fine. He called Louisiana “dysfunctional.” Of course it’s dysfunctional! That’s why people love it!

DeLay indicted.
Tom DeLay called the prosecutor who pursued his case a “partisan fanatic,” an “unabashed partisan zealot,” and a “rogue district attorney.” As for the case against him, he said, "This is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history. It's a sham."

Sparring with DeLay on 60 MINUTES last spring, prosecutor Ronnie Earle said, "Being called vindictive and partisan by Tom DeLay is like being called ugly by a frog."

Last May, the Los Angeles Times Magazine noted: "Over the years his [Earle's] Public Integrity Unit has prosecuted 15 elected officials, including 12 Democrats."

Maybe Kate Moss should play her in the movie?
Remember Ashley Smith, the woman held hostage by Brian Nichols, the killer-on-the-lam in Atlanta? She became a hero when she revealed how she had convinced him to give himself up, by reading to him from “The Purpose-Driven Life.” It turns she also give him crystal meth, but did none herself

Her memoir will be published shortly. She writes, "Suddenly, looking down at my drug pouch, I realized that I would rather have died in my apartment than have done those drugs with Brian Nichols. If the cops were going to bust in here and find me dead, they were not going to find drugs in me when they did the autopsy. I was not going to die tonight and stand before God, having done a bunch of ice up my nose."

And if that’s not a purpose-driven life, I don’t know what it is.


Anonymous Michelle said...

Were I a pearl,
Or the famed Tilt-a-Whirl,
Or marshmallow swirl,
Or a pert Gibson Girl,
Or a twist or a twirl,
Or a big hunk of burl,
Or a ringlet or curl,
Or the Duke Duke (Duke Duke) of Earl,
I'd say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERLE!!!!!!!!!!
And then I would hurl.

October 1, 2005

9:12 AM  

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