Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Primitive Orwellian Blog

Hey look, it’s David Copperfield!
In Charles Dickens’ home town, Chatham, plans are being laid to create an “entertainment complex including rides with a Dickens theme.” This is from the New York Times. Opening is scheduled for 2007.

I remember visiting Oxford a few years back. For the benefit of tourists, the city had provided an old-school Disney-type ride, in which one was placed in a conveyance and hauled around to various tableaux (with audioanimantronic figures), illustrating various periods in Oxford’s rich history. Unlike Disneyland, where the conveyance might have suggested a teacup, the conveyance at Oxford resembled an old-fashioned school desk.

From David Horowitz’ new website, discoverthenetwork.org, a guide to the political left.
“But Cronkite's heyday ended before the Internet and conservative talk radio and the Fox News Channel. Back then, Americans got their news from only a tiny handful of sources, almost all of which were controlled by liberals in Washington, D.C. or New York City. That primitive Orwellian era of information monopoly by liberal Big Brother is gone forever.”

Don’t you miss that tiny “handful of sources” though? It was so cute and itty-bitty. Cronkite shares a place on the (alphabetical) list with Roger Ebert and Osama Bin Laden

A review of the Duck’s Breath DVD! From Canada!
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