Monday, March 28, 2005

Arms too short to blog with God

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Randall Terry!
"If Gov. Bush wants to be the man that his brother is, he needs to step up to the plate like President Bush did when the United Nations told him not to go into Iraq. Be a man. Put politics aside."

Now meet the band!
"It seems like he (i.e. Jeb Bush) could have intervened more. At this point, it's getting too late to help this woman. She's being tortured. She's being murdered."
"Barbara Bush: Are you proud of your sons now?"
"Stop the American Holocaust!"
"Send in the National Guard!"
"It's going to get more emotional," he said. "You're going to have more feelings. But we don't want the focus to be on us. We want the focus to be on Terri."
"She's still conscious. She's still responding, and she's still fighting for her life. She is hanging on. That is her message to Gov. Bush and the world. She wants to live."

John Edward weighs in. Send in the National Guard!
On Fox & Friends, psychic (make that “psychic”) John Edward told host Steve Doocy that Terri Schiavo is "definitely clear on what's happening now around her"

Block Fox!
I don’t get it myself, Fox News being unavailable to me, but I am amused to learn that a fellow named Sam Kimery has created a “Fox Blocker,” which allows viewers to filter Fox News from their sets.

He told Associated Press that he received death threats as a result: “Apparently the making of terroristic threats against those who don't share your views is a high art form among a certain core audience."

Cowboy: What Happened?
"There is no logical reason why a normal person with a normal outlook would have to travel I-70 with that many weapons and a knife over his visor simply for self-protection on the open road."

The Associated Press informed me that a driver was pulled over in Missouri, “a driver dressed like an old-time pioneer, saying he was headed for South Dakota with Bibles and ‘supplies’ for American Indian children.”

Deputies did find a duffel bag full of Bibles, but also found a .45-caliber Derringer, a.44-caliber black powder pistol, as well as several unloaded handguns — a .357-caliber pistol among them — and two other long rifles, including a large-caliber one with a scope.

“The shirtless man was wearing military-style boots, cargo pants and an American Indian vest.”
Allegedly, he reeked of marijuana as well, emitting what the pulps used to call “the sickly-sweet odor of marijuana.”

A spokesman for the county sheriffs told AP, "I've heard him described as looking like a frontiersman or pioneer; that's what he was dressed as. He said he was headed to South Dakota to take Bibles and other supplies to Indian children. The deputies said, 'Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay.'"

From ZDNet: “…the iconic Pez dispenser, is about to go digital. Under a recently granted licensing agreement with Pez Candy, a gadget design company Lincoln West Studios will soon begin selling MP3 players modeled after the big-headed plastic treat sleeves.”

Does everything have to be compatible with everything else? Do we really need nostalgia to sell us up-to-date crap we are probably going to buy anyway?

Marketing has gone insane!


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