Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogospheronaut Excursion!

Boy, I’ll say!
"It is remarkably daft to make bra-like bikinis for one-year-olds."

The great wisdom was uttered by the Norwegian Minister of Children and Family Affairs, in response to a Swedish clothing company’s plans to do just that.

From POPBITCH, a Brit gossip mailer.
A recent missive, among other things, urged its readers to consider “the irony of religious wingnuts trying to forcefeed a woman whose coma was caused by her bulimia.”

Hulk have diary!

Today’s NY Times:
“Practically every new iteration of cellphone promises more: digital music, streaming video, 3-D video games, location-based navigation and full Internet browsing, not to mention a camera. With more features often come more buttons, complications and costs, and thicker operating manuals.

Some people call it feature creep.”

Coming next: the ability to call somebody from your cellphone. Really! Just dial a number, and somebody’s phone will ring – perhaps even a phone thousands of miles away! It’s an amazing new world.

Legal decision of the week: Not Guilty!
“The statement that the plaintiff is a `Dumb Ass,' even first among `Dumb Asses,' communicates no factual proposition susceptible of proof or refutation.”

The defendant in a libel suit had accused the two plaintiffs on his web site of being, on a “Top Ten Dumb Asses'' list, “the number 1 and number 2 dumb asses, respectively.”

One of the plaintiffs was also accused of being “drunk and chewin' tobaccy.”

Judges ruled the plaintiff “used only the present tense in denying that he chewed tobacco; for all the record shows, he might have chewed it in the very recent past, and might intend to chew it again in the future.''

Why didn’t I think of this?
From the New Yorker:

“Popstrology is a system for achieving self-awareness through the study of the pop-music charts—specifically, by determining which pop song was No. 1 on the day of your birth. If, for example, you happen to have been hatched during that brief, blissful period in October, 1976, when the airwaves were ruled by ‘Disco Duck,’ you may have inherited from its creators, the opportunistic d.j. Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots, an ability ‘to parlay simple needs and even modest gifts into the precise degree of greatness to which you aspire.’ (As it happens, 1976 was the Year of Rod Stewart.) Popstrology is no parlor game; its methodology is elaborate and broad—the book is almost four hundred pages long. (Author) Van Tuyl identifies forty-five constellations (Lite & White, Mustache Rock, Shaking Booty), and, for each No. 1 artist (or ‘birthstar’), he provides a chart, which maps the birthstar’s signature qualities on a matrix of sexiness, soulfulness, and durability, among other variables. (Van Tuyl has no truck with coolness; popstrologically, there are no bad pop songs.) In the introduction, he writes, ‘Popstrology is a powerful and flexible science, and where its adherents take it in the years ahead is anyone’s guess.’”

The “What the…?” Dept.
Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert (the fake jounalist/possible former male hooker) has been invited to a National Press Club panel discussion on blogging. Yes, he does have a blog: As you will see, he’s a Voice of the New Media, not a position to which I aspire.


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