Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kill Toby blog

Toby will die.
Oh, you’ve seen that web site. Guy says he’ll kill his cute bunny and eat it if people don’t send him money. It’s an internet thing. It even made national news! Many take it seriously. I do not.

What a thin-skinned asshole!
(AP) Apple Computer Inc. has retaliated against the publisher of an upcoming unauthorized biography about chief executive Steve Jobs by removing dozens of other technology books sold by the publisher from Apple stores around the world.

Apple removed the books last week from all 104 of its stores after failing in a monthlong attempt to persuade John Wiley & Sons not to release "iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business," which is to go on sale within the next six weeks, the publisher said.

Finger-free chili!
Finally, our long nightmare is over.

I don’t get it.
Democrats are enemies of God because they may filibuster? What?

Another goddam study!
From ZDNet:
“A group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Palo Alto Research Center presented a study this week outlining the behavior of the wild cubicle-dweller when using Apple Computer's digital music software.

“Sharing playlists on an office network turns out to be something like a peacock spreading his feathers for display. The researchers found that people actively work to create an image of themselves through the music they make available to others, just as they might by buying a new car or showing off a cell phone.

‘”I just went through (my playlist) and said, 'I wonder what kind of image this is...giving me,' reported one of the study's subjects. ‘I just went through it to see if there was stuff that would be...annoying, that I would not like people to know that I had.’”

What’s on Bush’s playlist again?


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