Friday, December 17, 2004

Fried Day

Overheard conversation on public transportation.
Man in three-piece suit talking to woman in tailored pants-suit: “They have actuaries embedded in their organization. You didn’t hear that from me.”

Sign in coffee shop

The image of a fast-moving mountain of snow and coffee about to engulf me was not sufficient motivation to purchase this coffee-flavored beverage.

Sign on an ATM
“Please do not insert garbage here. Thank you.”

The eyes of Texas are upon you!
The City Council of San Antonio has approved an ordinance requiring strippers to wear their permits while performing.

Um. Where?

Sorry, folks, but adultery was MY idea.
According to Court TV, a British production company is suing Fox Broadcasting, claiming that the Fox reality show, TRADING SPOUSES: MEET YOUR NEW MOMMY, is a rip-off of its show WIFE SWAP (described in the article, by the way, as “award-winning”).

Fox claims that it already had plans for a show involving husband swaps and valuable prizes.

Either mediocre minds think alike, or some people will steal anything.

Say, I have an idea! PUT A STICK IN YOUR BUTT! Real people are asked to put a stick in their butts for money. Steal it from me, Fox. I dare you.

News from all over
FROM AP: “A fire has gutted the five-room cabin in Athens, Georgia, believed to be the inspiration for The B-52's song ‘Love Shack.’”

And the rock lobster has been boiled and served with garlic butter and a little lemon.

Little things that drive me nuts.
This is a new feature to this blog, and one that I hope is instructive.

“…gets it right.”
Here’s a sampler:

UW gets it half right. USC basketball finally gets it right. WiPro gets it right in Kalkota. A California Zinfandel that gets it right. Palm One finally gets it right. Macromedia gets it right with Dreamweaver. Shaftesbury gets it right on property. The governor gets it right. AvantGo gets it right. The CIA gets it right. Microsoft gets it right.
Get WHAT right? What is “right?”

“…doesn’t get it.”
A sampler:

Wal-Mart just doesn’t get it. Netscape still doesn’t get it. Condescending Dems still don’t get it. Bush doesn’t get it. CBS just doesn’t get it. What Gore doesn’t get. CNet doesn’t get it. The left doesn’t get it. Gary Schare doesn’t get it. The Christian Dominionistas just don't get it. Why Yahoo and Google still don’t get it.

This irritating little trope pre-supposes that the writer DOES get it, though the writer never condescends to tell the reader what IT is. Everybody's just supposed to know IT, even though IT changes constantly depending on the bias of the writer.

Everybody: stop using this turn of phrase right now. Don’t make me come up there.

Duck’s Breath DVD
It gets it right, and gets it. Please buy one:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I got it! Maybe that cult from the 1970's, "est," is makin' a comebcak!

Will J. in San Jose

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I got it! Maybe that cult from the 1970's, "est," is makin' a comebcak!

Will J. in San Jose

10:55 AM  

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