Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thousands of lawyers in Ohio

Written in the stars, but not in Ohio.
Indian astrologers (and no, don’t worry, Jeanne Dixon is not being outsourced) have picked the winner in our Presidential election.

"Saturn, which is the lord of health and fortune for President Bush, has been eclipsed by the Sun, which is unfortunate and gives him a clear defeat," Lachhman Das Madan, editor of a popular astrology magazine, told Reuters. "Kerry will win. It is cosmic writ that George W. Bush cannot become president of United States again."

Another astrologer, Ajai Bhambi, agreed. "Kerry is likely to beat Bush in the final verdict."

Thank you, masked man.
In Canada, where priorities are straighter, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal decided against a native Canadian woman, who had complained that her manager at work had “created a poisoned environment” when he kept calling her kemosabe.

In order to reach this decision, the Court of Appeal studied "Lone Ranger" reruns, and decided, "When asked what it meant, Tonto responded 'trusty friend.’ Both the Lone Ranger and Tonto treat one another with respect... At no time during the episodes is the term kemosabe ever used in a demeaning or derogatory manner."

DVD Pics
I have scribbled five illustrations for viewers to view, dumbfounded, while listening to the five audio tracks which will be included in the Duck’s Breath DVD. (I will post those amazing sketches here sometime this week.)

As to when the actual DVD will be released…. I do not know.

Obviously, we would LOVE to have it in your smooth hands for Christmas, and it may happen, but we don’t want to rush things, and can't even if we did. Bill has lined up a company to author the DVD, and all the elements are in place, but time as always is our enemy.

On the bright side….
George W. Bush is once again our President.

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