Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Every Blog Has Its Day

The blogosphere is all a twitter following Jon Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire last Friday. I don’t watch those kind of shows, unless somebody pays me, but I did find the transcript online. As some have said, Mr. Stewart seems a bit strident, but he does tear the handsome insufferable Tucker Carlson a new one. Well worth the trade-off, I think.

I especially enjoyed Stewart’s frequent entreaties for Crossfire to stop hurting America with its buffonish “debate” dog and pony show. When asked by Tucker Carlson to quit lecturing, and be funny, Stewart responded, “I’m not going to be your monkey.” He also called Mr. Carlson a dick. All in all, quality television!

Bloggers’ responses have been largely in favor of Mr. Stewart, though (this being the Internet) many took the opportunity to slag Jon Stewart, and the Daily Show. “His ratings have dropped 7% since he endorsed John Kerry!” So there!

It made me wistful reading about it, not only for the golden days when I, and Duck’s Breath, were courted by the media, or at least had our calls returned, but for the squandered sarcasm-worthy moments engendered by the media. How many times did I bite my tongue, instead of blurting out what I yearned to say, “That’s the most fatuous question I’ve ever heard,,” or “I should be grateful that you took three minutes out of your busy day so you could interview me, even though you haven’t seen my work, obviously, and didn’t even take the time to read the press release, but I’m not.”

Of course, in the annals of the Ducks there are many names on the grudge list. Not just media folks, but a certain metal band, now defunct, a certain video producer (you know who you are!), a director (no, wait, that was just me), a manager at this temp job Bill and I had once, and many many more.

If I could gather them all in one room, boy, would I give them a piece of my mind. And then they’d beat me up.


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