Friday, October 22, 2004


Train I Ride
So I was waiting for the N Judah today, when I heard this guy say, “Hey Merle, I’m getting on the train right now.”

I turned around and shouted, “ I can see that, you moron!” He was talking on a cell phone to some other Merle.
I did shout at him. Really.

Fantasy Bedtime Hour
So these friends of ours have this cable access show called Fantasy Bedtime Hour, in which they (two women) lie on their bed in pajamas and talk about a fantasy novel trilogy called LORD FOUL’S BANE (some of you may know it). A third woman (their roommate) tapes them. I found it one night by accident, when I had the teevee on while I was working late, woke my wife, and both became instant fans. Then, a few weeks later, my wife recognized one of the women on the train as they were both going to work, got to talking, and we wound up being freinds.

They get through about three pages per episode, bringing in “experts,” like me (yes, I’ve read it) to discuss the book. They also re-enact a sequence du jour with their friends. The show is very funny, and, um, unique.
Anyway, my wife noticed that Stephen R. Donaldson, the author of the trilogy (and the sequel, also a trilogy, which I have also read, want to make something of it?), was appearing at our local Borders this week for a signing of his new book. We had made plans to all go see him together, but my wife had to work late, and she and I wound up bagging the excursion.

Tonight Jen (the cameraman) called us to inform us that not only had Mr. Donaldson heard of their show, he was somewhat flattered by the attention. He offered to link to their website from his, and even said yes to an appearance on the show sometime. She gave him a DVD containing all 21 episodes of their show.

All of this is good news for comedy on the fringes of things. Unless, of course, after viewing the DVD, he decides to sue them.

Kerry That Weight.
So Presidential hopeful John Kerry shot a couple geese, apparently, in Ohio or someplace, gaining a couple votes from NRA stalwarts perhaps, but losing that precious Vegan vote forever, I fear.

What he really needs to do in Ohio or someplace is find Bin Laden. I know he’s there….. He's GOT to be.


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