Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What about the be-bop states?

Ring out the old….
BILL BOARD now publishes best-selling ring tones, debuting in the Nov. 6 issue, alongside best-selling album. This reflects the "growth, innovation and success of the rapidly growing mobile music market," Billboard said. It’s called the "Hot Ringtones" chart, and surely the final days are at hand.

E-mail of the day.
This was the subject header: Tooons will be tooons.

This was the e-mail itself:

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One perswn. I We think it's a neat car.

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I dont want to be on this list.

Adieu there is nothing that In such disastrous terms as you write you must live and be cautious beware of madame your mother as of your worst enemy. I The street--your long white veil and tight little bodice--the reception at aunt harriet's--uncle ed--your mother with one of her extraordinary hats that stood straight up.

I dont want to be on this list.
Ashlee Simpson’s father blames her lapse into lip-synching (on Saturday Night Live) on acid reflux. Formerly, I believe, this was called “heartburn,” but now suddenly it’s not only life-threatening, it requires pre-recording.
In related news, Dutch researchers now believe that heartburn and ulcer drugs like Nexium, Pepcid and Prilosec make people more susceptible to pneumonia, because they reduce germ-killing stomach acid. And once again, unintended consequences strike, giving us upset stomaches, and no recourse to a cure. Fod god's sake, somebody do something!

We have a winner!
Will J. of San Jose correctly identified yesterday’s quote, and wins a BRAND NEW CAR! Well no, he doesn’t win anything. But thanks for playing the game.

Name That Quote!
Who called what this: burdensome, unnecessary and unconstitutional?"

More? "Rather than promote and protect genuine disclosures of matters of real public concern, it would provide a legal shield for unsatisfactory employees."

The Air Force at work:

No Blog
There will be no blog tomorrow. (Sorry Will J.) I have a haircut in the morning, an audition at noon (for a feature film! My line? "Excuse me? Where's the UFO section."), a recording session at three (a PSA for a "we got out the vote now what?" rally I will be part of next week, with David Harris and others), then meet the wife for dinner and theatre (Tom Stoppard's THE REAL THING, which pops up every two years here in the Bay Area; you can set your clock by it), and I'm sure this little man will be exhausted by the busy day, and go directly to sleep thereafter. Notice that nothing in this busy day makes me any money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote of the Day:

It’s Peter Keisler, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's civil division.

From GovExec.com, about proposed additions to the Whistleblowers Protection Act.

The measure would lead to "costly inefficiencies in the federal workplace" by allowing "almost any" employee unsatisfied with a personnel decision to qualify as a whistleblower, Keisler warned lawmakers. "The changes proposed in this bill do nothing to strengthen the protection for legitimate whistleblowers, but instead would provide a legal shield for unsatisfactory employees," he testified.

Now where’s my damn Pulitzer for non-deadline computer-assisted research skills?

Will J. of San Jose

2:25 PM  

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