Thursday, August 26, 2004

Vote early, vote often.

Stop the presses!
AP headline: “GOP Delegates Met With Anti-Bush Signs”

Rockin’ around NYC
Republicans will be milling through the streets of Manhattan next week, blue suits and red neckties clashing with the tattooed baristas in their Skechers.

What does a DC wonk who normally goes to bed at nine o’clock do in the city that never sleeps? It is a quandary. Not much number crunching goes on in the clubs, I can tell you that. Somehow I can’t see them lining up to see BOY FROM OZ, lingering over a mojito, or leafing through Cargo to see what the metrosexuals are wearing. I may lose sleep over this.

Americans big stupidheads, says top Canadian.
Carolyn Parrish, a Canadian Member of Parliament, called us “bastards” last year, because of our aggressive yet vague foreign policy. Forced to apologize for her intemperate remarks, last Wednesday she told a group of demonstrators, in regards to the planned U.S. missile defense system, "We are not joining the coalition of the idiots. We are joining the coalition of the wise.”

Confronted by Reuters, a few hours later, at first she begged them not to use the quote, but then seemed to warm to the subject, saying, "They tortured people in Iraq, they (the Iraqis) have no weapons of mass destruction. Could somebody explain to me whether you think they're idiots or geniuses?"

You may recall that spokeswoman for former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Francoise Ducros, resigned in 2002 after calling President Bush a moron, eh?

Round at the ends and hi in the middle
Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Julianna Margulies, Chad Lowe, Fisher Stevens and Andy Borowitz were among the celebrities who descended upon Ohio this August to register voters (and unseat President Bush).
If I were a Buckeye, I’d register in a heartbeat, if only for the faint chance I might get to meet Chad Lowe.


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