Friday, August 13, 2004

Multi-Family Garage Sale!

Yes, that's right. I have a garage full of junk, some friends are bringing over their junk, and we are going to sit in the fog together, hoping that people will drop by, buy our junk, and put it in their garages, leaving room in our garages for the junk of the future.
The guy who owns the house left behind two locked storage spaces in the garage. After frequent pleas to him (wherever he is) via the realtor, I finally got fed up and broke down the doors. There I found mildewed clothing, disintegrating trunks full of old hunting magazines, a dozen or so rusting containers of volatile liquids, live ammunition just rolling around loose, and several needles.
I asked my neighbor if my landlord was a diabetic.
She said, "No, he was a junkie."
In the middle of hauling stuff out of the storage spaces, and hauling stuff into the garage, the realtor's rep showed up, wanting the rent money.
"Take a number pal," I didn't say.
Later, he lost his cell phone, and returned, thinking he may have dropped it at my house. I let him borrow my cell phone, and he called himself. He didn't hear it ring, so apparently he lost it somewhere else.
What a fascinating stressful life I lead!

The California Supreme Court voided around 4,000 gay marriages. SF Mayor Gavin Newsome, who is not gay, was the guy who got the gay wedding ball rolling. I don't know if this leaves him with egg on his face, or not, but his fashion layout with his wife, Kimberley, in the latest Harper's Bazarr, certainly makes him look ridiculous. The Governor of New Jersey, who is gay, never presided over a gay wedding, as far as I know, though he also is married, to a woman, who is standing by him in this moment of crisis.
In past, better days, she told a New York Times reporter that red was her favorite color (Hey, America wants to know!), but said, "I don't wear it too often because I feel it draws too much attention."

Bill Allard dropped off a copy of the raw edit of the show on VHS. I hope to view it tonight, as I write down prices on little sticky things in my cramped spidery crawl.

was 91

I hate it, don't you?
According to the LA TImes, a new Spanish-language reality show, "Gana La Verde," or "Win the Green," offers a "Fear Factor" type of contest, with winners getting a year's worth of paid assistance from immigration lawyers, who will work get the winners legal status as US citizens.
Some lawmakers are objecting, saying the show exploits and immigrants.
Lawrence Lieberman, who dramed up the show, says, "We have had no viewer complaints and no complaints from anyone who has participated in the show."
He also said, "... I can do a show that gives Maria breast implants and nobody compalins, but when I give Maria a chance to go from being a nanny to a nurse, everybody finds that objectionable."
I am with him on that, even though producers of reality shows should probably be boiled in oil.
Still, if you're going to give out prizes, instead of makeovers, and cars, and Hawaiian vacations, how about free medical coverage, paying off child support, rent money, college tuition, groceries, or a case of beer?
Give me gum, I'm yours.


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