Friday, August 06, 2004


This is the semi-official blog for Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre; I say semi-official, because I am the designated blogger (me being Merle Kessler). It's a hideous responsibility, like owning rabbits.

The reason for this blog is to drum up excitement for NOT DEAD YET, the Duck's Breath DVD, celebrating our 30th year as a homegrown theatre of the surreal. Since I am only 28 years old, our existence is clearly a miracle of sorts.

I would like to start counting down the days until the DVD is released, but who the hell knows when that will be? We hope to have it out before Christmas, but then the fine folks in hell hope that somebody will give them a nice glass of ice water.

Still, you never know.

Dick Cheney could confess that HE had the weapons of mass destruction all along. He came across them in the attic while rummaging for an old defribillator. He will donate them to Halliburton, which will convert them into plowshares, sell them to the Iraqi people at a substantial mark up, and peace will reign for a thousand years. Praise Bush!

I may even start to feel the John Kerry Excitement everybody's talking about.

In the meantime, pray for us.

Next time, I will relate some amusing anecdotes about life on the road. Or not.

Yer pal,


Blogger Saco Jets said...


If you see the rest of the boys, ask them when they are coming to Southern Maine.

I saw you all twenty or more years ago when I was a student at the University of Northern Iowa. I thought you all were the absolute funniest guys on earth. I did take my wife to see you at the University of Southern Maine in the mid-80s and she doesn't remember anything about it. Go figure.

Anyway, I would love to have the chance to see you all again and if it meant having to bring you all here myself for a performance sometime in 2005, if you are still doing that kind of thing, I would like to talk to you about it. is where you can reach me.

Jeff Scully

4:40 PM  

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