Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Blog on Blogging

So anyway, Bill Allard, who is producing the Duck DVD, says that a rough cut will be coming to us (the Ducks) inside the week. Then we will put on our thinking caps, tug our forelocks, and give him "feedback." We will network. We will interface.

The show itself was quite fun. We saw people we hadn't seen in ten years or more, not only that night, but the party on Saturday, and even at another show Monday night, which proved to be a reunion of Rick and Ruby (who were as funny as ever), and a summoning of the STUPEDS (the Society To Undertake the Preservation of Endangered Dumb Songs), under the direction of my pal Joshua Raoul Brody, who were also excellent. They do covers of Neil Diamond, Queen, and tunes like "I've Never Been To Me," "Having My Baby," and "It Must Be Him," with consummate professionalism, for no apparent reason.

Abrupt topic change (there was a topic?):

Once, while embarked on a trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz to do publicity for a show, Leon, Bill, and Steve ran out of gas. After hitching to a station to get some, an attempt was made to start the station wagon again, and the engine caught fire. The boys were throwing dirt on it, in a frantic attempt to put the fire out, when lo and behold, over the hill came a truck loaded with fire extinguishers. The fire was put out.
Leon, a very responsible man, felt so guilty about the damage to the station wagon that he re-wired it himself, and we took it on our next tour, where it was put in a ditch during a blizzard in Nebraska, along with the car I was driving.

Once again, topic change!

Snooping around the internet (yes, it's still around), I was checking out blogs at random to see if I'm doing this right - I mean it's not like there's a manual for this - and came across this paragraph, "Here's a picture of my toes that I took while waiting for a table ... for Sunday morning brunch."

This was accompanied by a fuzzy picture of the guy's toes.

So, apparently a blog is kind of like a diary, only you invite the world to read it, so you can't really say anything you wouldn't want the whole world to read. But some of them are also political. This is from Josh Marshall's "I just saw a preview of a study that finds the Swift Boat ads quite effective among independents in raising doubts about John Kerry's war record. And that suggests that Karl Rove will want to send more money toward the group running the ad."

Hey, I was just making fun of those ads myself!

And who is Josh Marshall? "Joshua Micah Marshall is a writer living in Washington, DC. He is a Contributing Writer for the Washington Monthly and a columnist for The Hill. His articles on politics, culture and foreign affairs have also appeared in The American Prospect, The Atlantic Monthly, The Boston Globe, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The New York Post, The New York Times, Salon, Slate, and other publications. He has appeared on Crossfire (CNN), Hannity and Colmes (FOX), Hardball (MSNBC), Late Edition (CNN), NewsNight with Aaron Brown (CNN), O'Reilly Factor (FOX), Reliable Sources (CNN), Rivera Live (CNBC), Washington Journal (C-SPAN) and talk radio shows across the United States. He has a bachelors degree from Princeton University and a doctorate in American history from Brown University."

He's a lot more qualified than I am, obviously, to punditificate. But still, I will blog on. And I won't ask for money. Yet.

Andrew Sullivan does, and as far as I know he has a real job on the side. After thanking readers for donating, he writes on his blog: " of the reasons I blogged in the first place was to avoid the kind of pressure from editors or publishers or advertizers or readers that most journalists inevitably feel."

Hey, that's how I feel too! I hate when people who pay your salary have opinions about your work. How much better to have your readers give you money, and have opinions about your work. You're kind of eliminating the middle man, and the medical benefits too, I guess. Do bloggers have medical coverage?

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