Sunday, June 29, 2008

A bold fresh piece of blog

Bold Fresh Piece of What?
Bill O’Reilly has a new memoir coming out, called A BOLD FRESH PIECE OF HUMANITY, which is what he claims a nun called him when he was eight. Maybe he misheard her.

Bad Obama, No Donut!
Senator Obama has voiced support for FISA, the government surveillance bill that offers retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies. Last year, he said he would filibuster the bill.

Well, if Bozell III says it, it must be true.
L. Brent Bozell III: “In the sad final analysis, Carlin betrayed the promise of the hippie counterculture, that the establishment would be wiped away, and only love and peace would remain. He joked that inside every cynic is a disappointed idealist. But hunting for idealism in Carlin's late work would be a search for a blade of hay in a large mountain of needles. In the end, George Carlin was a comedic genius who lost his sense of humor.”

I’m saddened that Bozell III is saddened that George Carlin betrayed the promise of the hippie counterculture. I know how much that promise meant to him.

I have it from reliable sources that when you turn into the Hulk, which can happen, your genitalia disappear.

The Miracle of Flight
Oh, to lamp a Lucky at 20,000 feet, sip a scotch, listen to Frank Sinatra Jr. croon as you exchange meaningful glances with a flight attendant who resembles Marlo Thomas. Instead, so I have been told, you can’t even get on the plane. All the agents have been laid off. You’re stuck in the airport with your crappy best seller. Or worse: you’ve lucked out, and landed a flight, and are stuck on the tarmac, air turned off, with your crappy best seller. For six hours.

The Wee Bride sent me a link to….

Before You Meet Prince Charming
A Guide to Radiant Purity
By Sarah Mally

How can young people be committed to purity and to God’s best? This guide to radiant purity combines the story of a young princess with solid, clear teaching of Biblical convictions that young ladies today need to grasp. Through a captivating fairy tale, modern day examples, practical instruction, and abundant humor, Sarah Mally challenges young ladies to turn to the Lord for fulfillment, to guard their hearts and minds, to identify and avoid the world’s thinking, and to shine brightly in this generation. This book offers Biblical answers to everyday questions and deep life struggles.

Re: Radiant Purity
The above book is 264 pages long. Young ladies wading through that tome won’t have time to meet Prince Charming.

Blog no more?
From The Tyee, whatever that is: “Technorati founder David Sifry, who compiles extensive blogosphere stats from time to time, released numbers last spring that showed a potential plateau of blogging growth. While the number of blogs was still increasing at an impressive clip, the stats showed more and more people weren't updating the old ones, thus keeping the number of active blogs stalled at about 15.5 million. Blogging activity appeared to have peaked.”

Cripes. Another writing venue that doesn’t make me any money may soon be closed. But there’s always Twitter!

“The move from big blogs to smaller ones says a lot about our cultural attention span. One or two lines of text are about as much writing as we can handle -- either creating or consuming it. Which begs the question, why did I write a bloated 750-word blog exposé? I could have just Twittered it in a line or two.”

Which begs the question, as intelligent beings, are we doomed? Twitter me that, Batman.


Blogger Benjamin Russell said...

I can't speak for the CGI models used in Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk, but the Hulk in Ang Lee's Hulk definitely had rudimentary genitalia, as shown in the wireframe models on the DVD. The Incredible Hulk's villain, though, the Abomination? Yeah. Totally bald down there. It's a little unusual.

I've now outed myself as one of those sex-fixated comics geeks, like in Mallrats, haven't I?

5:29 AM  
Blogger BonzoGal said...

I always wondered why Wonder Woman had no armpit hair, and seemed to have had her bikini line waxed for her costume. I mean, come one, she's from the all-female island of Amazonia!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Liberal Seagull said...

The other day I was watching an episode of Get Smart that took place on an airplane. Max was served coffee in a real cup. On a saucer, no less. Then he and 99 adjourned to the lounge to converse. Yes, lounge. On an airplane. I thought back to my most recent flight, where I had to pay for a bag with six pretzels in it, and thought, "wow, this is where progress has led us?"

11:21 AM  
Blogger Merle Kessler said...

I have been wondering recently, as well, because I don't have anything important to worry about, why do heroes all wear unitards? One of the few exceptions is THe Spirit, who just wore a blue suit, with little mask, and blue gloves. The Hulk, of course, had little trousers ripped below the knee. Though, again, I gather in the new movie he is pants free, which is how his lack of genitalia is revealed.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merle Kessler wrote:
I gather in the new movie he is pants free, which is how his lack of genitalia is revealed.

It's a cautionary tale of extreme steroid-caused gonadal shrinkage!


1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, wore what looked like a shirt and pants which were complete with belt. On the other hand, the colors of his costume was -- according to the Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed column at Comics Should Be Good -- deliberately designed to be garish. Apparently in his introduction, in All-American Comics #16, he says, ``I must have a costume that is so bizarre that once I am seen I will never be forgotten!''

So he got the green, orange, yellow (the original Green Lantern had no particular problem with yellow, but wood was a weakness), and purple outfit.

-- Austin Dern

7:13 PM  

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