Sunday, July 22, 2007

Women in the News Blog

Women in the news!
Washington Post, courtesy of fashion writer Robin Givhan, covering Hillary Clinton on the floor of the Senate: "The cleavage registered after only a quick glance. No scrunch-faced scrutiny was necessary. There wasn't an unseemly amount of cleavage showing, but there it was. Undeniable."

I suppose it’s okay for a woman to remark on a Presidential candidate’s décolletage, especially since she makes it a point that she was NOT scrunching her face to scrutinize the Hillarian breastage. She glanced at Ms. Clinton’s breasts very very briefly. A blink and she would have missed them. This is a properly feminist position to take.

Unlike some men we could mention, who probably don’t even pay attention to Ms. Clinton’s platform, but instead slaver, slack-jawed, over her Platform, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Women in the news!
I found a website called “How Hard Does She Come?” The site features the speculations of an unnamed male (I assume) about the orgasmic thresholds of various celebrities, based on publicity stills. It contains this: “…[T]he fact is Hillary devotes all her energy to Doing Good, and therefore has no energy left whatsoever for high jinks of the carnal variety.”

And Maureen Dowd? “Maureen doesn't find orgasms necessary. But she really likes kitsch ray guns and slinking around her apartment in a cat suit, saying ‘Pow!’”

You know? Somehow that seems true to me.

Speaking of celebrity photos…
Forbes Magazine made a list of the most expensive celebrity photos of the past few years. They include:

IN TOUCH WEEKLY reportedly paid $400,000 for a shot of Anna Nicole Smith with her son Daniel taken hours before his death. "The death of Anna Nicole's son was the massive news story of the moment--it consumed the whole nation, and these pictures were so newsy and so emotive," executive editor told Forbes. "This was every mother's worst nightmare, and through these pictures, America could empathize with what Anna Nicole was going through."

Think of it. For a mere 400,000 IN TOUCH WEEKLY helped heal a nation.

Back in 2005, US WEEKLY paid $500,000 for pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on an African beach.

Jolie and Pitt took $4.6 million from PEOPLE for photos of their daughter Shiloh Nouvel, though they gave the money to charities.

In other other news…
I was listening to a story about dogfights on NPR. Some folks are trying to get a federal law outlawing them everywhere, but some conservative congressmen are resisting. One of them said something to this effect: “Abortion is still legal in this country. If I vote against dogfighting, I am making the life of animals more valuable than the lives of unborn children.” That’s the kind of logic that makes our nation’s political leaders the envy of the reasoning world.

Oh, speaking of canines, two coyotes who had taken up residence is San Francisco's Golden Gate Park were shot after they attacked somebody's pet dog, a dog twice their size by the way. Typically, many San Franciscans were outraged. That's right. Wild animals took up residence right here in the city, showed no evidence of avoiding humans, and even attacked a pet, yet people were outraged that the wild animals were put down. I suppose we should have put them in a petting zoo? They're so cute!

Harry Potter Mania!
Why don’t I care? What’s wrong with me?

Op-Ed I didn’t finish reading.
Pat Buchanan: “Responding to the call of Pope Urban II at Claremont in 1095, the Christian knights of the First Crusade set out for the Holy Land. In 1099, Jerusalem was captured. As their port in Palestine, the Crusaders settled on Acre on the Mediterranean.”

(Raising hand, waving frantically) Father Pat! Father Pat! I have to go the bathroom!

Headline of the week.
“Are Computers Causing us to ‘Cocoon’ Ourselves?” Wow. Let me think about that. Um. Yes?


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Harry Potter Mania!
Why don’t I care? What’s wrong with me?

It's enchanting, TOO enchanting?

wondering how big the port of Acre, on the
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