Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion Blog!

About Duck's Breath...

We don't get out of the house much any more, but when we do, we like to
wreak as much havoc as possible, before our handlers retrieve us, and
put us back on our meds.

So we will be running amok in the Bay Area this August, and we urge you
to join us. Let us now run through the schedule҆.

AUGUST 9/10/11, 2007 (THR/FR/SAT * 8 PM)
142 Throckmorton Theater
142 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941

The evening will open with a series of short sketches featuring (among
others) Doctor Science, Randee of the Redwoods, & Ian Shoales. It will
end with a thrilling climax: the re-mounting of our classic tribute to
the spaghetti western, "Senseless Cruelty," featuring special guest, Bay
Area musical hero Joshua Raoul Brody.

Violence! Music! Belly laughs!

That will be a three day event. If you miss it, you will probably regret
it for the rest of your life. But should you miss it, don't worry, there
are two more opportunities to experience the glory that is Duck's Breath
Mystery Theatre. And they are:

AUGUST 12, 2007 (SUNDAY * 7 PM)
The Palms Playhouse
13 Main Street, Winters, CA,

AUGUST 13, 2007 (MONDAY * 8 PM)
Freight & Salvage
1111 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

These latter shows will feature Duck's Breath's characters in a wide
range of short sketches including Art Show, Sister Mundhi-Mr. Johnson,
the Marones, and more - including new stuff! That's right! New stuff!
From us!

Join us, won't you? If not, why not? When else are you going to see us?
We're not getting any younger you know. Hello? Be there! Aloha!


Blogger BonzoGal said...

Will be there with bells on! (But will remove clappers so bells don't distract from comedy.)

2:33 PM  

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