Tuesday, September 14, 2004

“Hey Roy, how about a song?"

What Would Audie Murphy Do?
My wife, bless her heart, came home from Walgreen’s last week with a DVD containing four Roy Rogers westerns. Boy, did that make me happy. Walgreen’s is becoming a treasure trove of cheap entertainment, if you’re a boomer anyway. Old Dragnet episodes. Kinescopes of Martin and Lewis television shows. All for around three bucks.
One of the problems with movies today is a shortage of toothless sidekicks named "Fuzzy."

I Had Singing Cowboys, Kids Today Have Paxil.
A new analysis by the Food and Drug Administration concludes that 2 to 3 per cent of children taking antidepressants had suicidal thoughts or behavior.

Here comes Ivan.
Get out of New Orleans. Now.

The Family
Kitty Kelley is back with another tawdry tome, doing to the Bushes what she did to Sinatra. Camp David coke party. Barbara Bush is “bull dyke tough.” Prescott Bush was a “major league alcoholic.” Spite! Ambition! Spin!

Putin is apparently in the middle of a major power grab so he can combat terrorism. Once terrorism is defeated, I am sure he’ll give that power back. Don’t you?
Our President’s nickname for him, by the way, and he likes to give people nicknames, is “Pootie Poot.” Putin calls Bush, in return, "Big Asshole." Or is that "Fuzzy?"

Alan Keyes’ Game Plan.
Running for Senate in Illinois, Alan Keyes (according to the Chicago Trib) told the state’s top GOP donors that he plans to make “inflammatory” remarks “every day, every week” until the election. I too pledge to do this.

Email of the Day.
"Jesus loves you. Refinance now." Because when the Rapture comes, you won't be able to.

Unfortunate Words in the News, X in a Series


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