Wednesday, September 01, 2004

All the news that shrinks to fit.

September Schmeptember
The rape charges against Kobe Bryant have been dismissed. He’s a basketball player.

Alan Keyes, currently running for the Senate in Illinois, said that Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary is a sinner, because she’s a lesbian. She is also a Republican. Go figure.

On Monday George W. Bush told NBC that he didn’t think the war on terrorism was winnable. On Tuesday he told the annual convention of the American Legion that he was winning the war on terrorism. He’s the President.
Al-Jazeera, the Arab television channel, is giving more air time to the Republican Convention than ABC, CBS, and NBC combined. And Al-Jazeera hates us.

Church, State, Separation Of.
I caught this in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning, from Carolyn Lochhead, of the paper’s Washington Bureau:

“Visitors to the Oval Office often walk in and find the room apparently empty except for seeing the bottoms of two shoes under the president’s desk….”

Don’t worry. He’s praying.

Duck DVD
A reader of this blog from Colorado asks if we plan to “use old footage of shows so we can really get a laugh of what everyone looks like 20 or however many years later.” Yes, that is part of our plan, because watching people get old is always hilarious.

We have a bit we call “Art Show,” in which we (Duck’s Breath) imitate famous paintings. It has been taped many times over the years. Our plan is to dissolve one painting into another in chronological order, creating a powerful metaphor for time and mortality. It may even be a palimpsest, sort of, and definitely will display chiaroscuro. That’s the plan. It will be an extra.

The same person who thinks it would be funny to watch us get old also wonders “…about that old original film you guys were in…”

Well, there are two original films. One was a concert shot in Colorado (which I assume is the one he or she means) many years ago, some of which may in fact pop up on this DVD, again as an extra. The other was our feature film, ZADAR: COW FROM HELL! This was shot in Iowa (um, many years ago) and only found distribution in Russia and Korea (I think). A DVD exists, but only because the director (Bob Hughes) had one made to preserve it. That will not be included on this DVD, though I believe we would love to see it made available at some point in the future.

Hope I’ve answered your questions!

More Duck DVD News!
I spent the morning taping an over-the-end-credits Ian Shoales commentary, as succinct as it is hilarious, involving emus, Harrison Ford, Mormons, No Fly Lists, and Ted Kennedy – all in under two minutes! Wow! It’s worth the price of the DVD just for that, in my opinion. But hey, I’m prejudiced. And old.

Bill Allard also recorded a Mr. Nifty/FBI warning. Nobody messes with Mr. Nifty. Or the FBI.


Blogger Rick said...

“Visitors to the Oval Office often walk in and find the room apparently empty except for seeing the bottoms of two shoes under the president’s desk….”

The story also indirectly quoted a BBC reporter that "Nobody spends more time on his knees than George W. Bush" That's a stat I didn't know was regularly kept.

Sort of reminds me of the statement by an earnest NPR reporter yesterday that our current president "probably has more respect for the ideals of Ronald Reagan than any other president before him." Which you can't really argue with. I'm sure H.W. has a lot more respect for Reagan than did Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, both of whom directed zero research funds towards stem cell research, by the way.

1:39 PM  

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