Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Britney Broke My Heart!

DVD News.
So my composer friend Joshua Brody, director Bill Allard, and I met with this fellow, Eric Holsinger, a video producer (among other things) out of Seattle. We want to make a DVD of my live show, BROKE, featuring my Ian Shoales persona, and co-starring my wife Amy, with good friend Dave Terry. Read review of which, here--

The trouble is, none of us have that kind of money. We are cogitating. Ruminating. We would take meetings, if we knew anybody with money who would be willing to meet with us.

The Duck’s Breath DVD is nearing its final phases, and it looks like we may have distribution for it, which would certainly beat wheedling strangers on the internet. We’re not Viagra, for God’s sake.

If this experience turns out the way we hope it will, then perhaps future projects are in the works.

Don’t Delay!
In other news, two aides to GOP weasel Tom Delay were indicted Tuesday, according to the Washington Post, “on charges of illegally raising political funds from corporations in 2002, much of which was funneled into the Republican takeover of the Texas legislature.”

Asked for a comment, Delay released a statement through his office, "This has been an investigation that has been underway for nearly two years, and 40 days before the election, suddenly they've taken action. You do the political math."

And if anybody knows political math, it would certainly be Tom Delay.

Cool Hunting
Trendspotter Scott Milden, responding to something or other in the New York Times, claims that designers are “alpha consumers.” Not only will they spot a bargain before you do, in other words, they will turn on you, fangs bared, fully prepared to tear out your throat, or failing that, sever your hamstrings, should you attempt to get through the doors at the grand opening of Restoration Hardware before they do.

Swift Boat Parody.
The sweet little satire, in which Bill Allard and I had the pleasure of participating, is up:

If you choose to download it, I recommend the low bandwidth Windows Media option. Be amused. Be very amused.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was pretty good. Looked like you guys had a lot of fun making it. Nice to see that Will Durst could be in in it, too.

Will J. of San Jose.

9:53 AM  

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