Sunday, July 02, 2006

Independence Day Blog

I recommend….

The glorious defenders of American values…
…are once again thwarted in their attempt to halt rampant flag burning.

YouTube, do you take MySpace to be your lawful wedded bride?
NEW YORK, July 2 (UPI) -- …With the rise of the Internet, an increase in work hours and long commutes, and technology that discourages face-to-face interaction, the average American's connection to his or her community is weakening, the (New York) Times reported ….

What the…?
The New York Times, being chided by the White House and the rightwing blogosphere for giving information to the enemy, apparently based its story on the government’s attempts to track terrorist on money on the very same information that the administration gave willingly to the Wall Street Journal.

What the…?
Conservatives are also upset that Superman, in his latest stolid cinematic iteration, does not stand for “truth, justice, and the American way,” but for “truth, justice, and all that stuff.” Actually, I don’t think Superman ever said that in the old television series. I believe it was the announcer who said it, at end of the list of Superman’s unlikely abilities. Also, I should remind people that not only did Superman arrive here as an illegal alien, he is entirely fictitious, and therefore does not and can not fight a “never ending battle” for anything. Thank you.

From Wikipedia:
On June 3, 2006, Samuel L. Jackson said, while presenting the award for best movie at the MTV Movie Awards, "I'm here tonight to present the award everyone's been waiting for: best movie. This award holds a special place in my heart because next year I'll be winning it for SNAKES ON A PLANE. Now I know, I know that sounds cocky, but I don't give a damn. I'm guaranteeing that SNAKES ON A PLANE will win best movie next year. Does not matter what else is coming out. New James Bond... no snakes in that! Ocean's 13... where my snakes at? Shrek the Third... green, but not a snake. No movie shall triumph over Snakes on a Plane. Unless I happen to feel like making a movie called MO' MOTHA-FUCKIN' SNAKES ON MO' MOTHA-FUCKIN' PLANES."

I recommend…
ZOMBIES ON A PLANE. Because, as you know, if it has zombies in it, it is a good movie. THE THREE BURIALS OF MELQUIADES ESTRADA does NOT have a zombie in it, but Melquiades Estrada is extremely dead through most of it. This movie would make a great double feature with BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA.

This amused me.
From an Alexander Cockburn essay on blogs:
“The effect on writers is horrifying. Talented people feel they have produce (sic) 400 words of commentary every day and you can see the lethal consequences on their minds and style, both of which turn rapidly to slush. They glance at the New York Times and rush to their laptops to rewrite what they just read. Hawsers to reality soon fray and they float off, drifting zeppelins of inanity.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some good dead-people films, I think. "The Trouble with Harry" and "Rope", are two of the best, IMHO, YMMV. I guess it makes sense that they're by Alfred Hitchcock.


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was it just me, or did it seem like the traditional media declared "beat up on blogs week"? Cockburn's essay wasn't the only one critical of the "blogosphere" (I hate that word.)

3:38 PM  

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