Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kat Tat Blog

Report from New Orleans
My fan club, Tammy Angelique Rydell, sent me an e-mail from New Orleans. It contained the following information:

"So many old folks here can't see how they have anything to look forward to, since they figure they won't live long enough to see any significant future renaissance and the present time is nothing but broken shit and long nightmare phone calls while FEMA/Entergy/the IRS/the State of Louisiana/ the U.S. Dept. of Labor/various building contractors/the Social Security Administration/HUD put them on hold for about 65 minutes and then the person they finally get to speak to says he/she isn't the one they should be calling."


"Women are branding themselves with fleur-de-lis jewelry, earrings, necklaces. Local stores offer fleur-de-lis everything, from teapots to bumper stickers. Men wear fleur-de-lis T-shirts, and it's not just about the football Saints. Kids, goths, and bohemians are getting fleur-de-lis tattoos: 'Kat tats'. It's a big club, and nobody wanted to join, but hey. We're all in this together now, we're tough, we're scary, and our killer emblem is the lily blossom of decadent French kings. Whoa."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post appears to be in the font "webdings" which is actually a series of pictures as opposed to the alphabet we are all somewhat used to dealing with. Was this a statement of some sort on the readability of blogs, or did you pick the wrong font by mistake?

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe, when it is displayed in the right font, as though writ by an occult hand the SECRET OF THE FLEUR-DE-LIS CODE appears.

(one of the clues that you're getting close are jabs at a shadowy entity called "FEMA" :-))

1:29 PM  

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