Thursday, June 02, 2005

Deep Blog Revealed!

Deep Throat Revealed!
And wouldn’t you know it, all of these people are coming out of the woodwork to say that they knew it all the time. Nora Ephron, Carl Bernstein’s ex, revealed on her blog that “I knew Deep Throat was Mark Felt because I figured it out.” Robert Novak, in his column, wrote, “Everybody knew that Felt was leaking information to Woodward and Bernstein about the Watergate investigation.” (I’m surprised that Novak didn’t leak the information; after all, he’s done it before.)

So one of the great mysteries of the 20th Century was no secret at all. Everybody knew who Deep Throat was except you and me. At least I know who really killed President Kennedy. But you know that too, right? It was Judge Crater.

Nora Ephron
In addition to having sussed the identity of Deep Throat centuries before the rest of us, she directed and co-wrote BEWITCHED, in theaters June 24. I am certain that this movie will make me shudder, but our friend and partner in Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre, Jim Turner, has a major part in it – Larry, Darren’s boss. Therefore I urge everybody to go see it, so Jim can get his SAG bennies, and pay his mortgage in a timely fashion.

Creepy Drug.
A new study suggests that the neuropeptide oxytocin plays a major role in the formation of trust in human beings. It is hoped that this information could be useful in the treatment of autism. It could also lead to a resurgence of confidence games. Exposed to excessive amounts of oxytocin, we will read Nigerian e-mails with tears in our eyes, and send off checks until our accounts are depleted. Consider yourself warned. Even if you’re not on the oxytocin, believe me, I’m a guy you can trust.


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