Thursday, December 20, 2007

PreChristmas Blog

Another Closing, Another Show
Well, we closed the show at the Marsh. (That would be SLOUCHING TOWARDS DISNEYLAND, which takes as its thesis, sort of, that pretty much everything in history exists in order to become an amusement park attraction.) Two months of exhaustion and hard work, for no money. I love America!

The plan now is to find local venues, and run the show around Northern California. Now that I can remember most of my lines, that seems doable. And once again, I can emerge from the dark specter of my own narcissism and engage the world, at a safe distance.

In the course of some research for a project I might tell you about sometime, I discovered that Pantone has patented colors. Well, the names of colors. According to Wikipedia, “Pantone asserts that their lists of color numbers and pigment values are the intellectual property of Pantone and free use of the list is not allowed.” I had never really thought of this before. That somebody could own “Sicilian Plum,” for instance.

But can anything besides Comcast be “comcastic?” Could I be sued if I referred to a movie as a “comastic movie?”

Christopher Hitchens’ Christmas Message!
From Slate: “I will on no account vote for a smirking hick like Mike Huckabee, who is an unusually stupid primate but who does not have the elementary intelligence to recognize the fact that this is what he is.”

Random Snowflake Generator
At a link somebody sent me, which lets you generate “snowflakes” at random, I found this: “Please help us keep the snowflakes clean. Report offensive snowflakes when you click the snowflake.”

Remember: It only takes one bad snowflake to spoil a blizzard.

From the Ottawa Citzen:“… Canada Post shut down its Write To Santa program across the city while it joins Ottawa police to hunt down the ‘rogue elf.’”

“Each Santa letter Canada Post delivers contains the same main message with a hand-written personal postscript.”

The hand-written personal poststcripts to some children included:

"This letter is too long, you dumb shit.”

"Your mom sucks dick and your Dad is gay."

The Canada Post “has put out an alert for letter carriers to not deliver any Santa letters, to intercept any others in the system and to send them back….”

A spokeswoman has said, "We will check every one. And we will make sure we have enough volunteers to send out new messages from Santa."

Merry Christmas.


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