Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007: gah!

Woman to little girl on AC Transit:
“You touched the bus. Now you’re gonna taste like bus.”

Ahmet Ertegun….
The Founder of Atlantic Records died after a head injury suffered at a Rolling Stones concert in October. He was 83. Man, what a guy.

Solomon Burke, the great soul singer….
Does an Ahmet Ertegun impression. It’s pretty good. Well, even if it’s not, who else does an Ahmet Ertegun impression?

Gerald Ford, R.I.P.
Now, I was never a fan of President Ford, but I didn’t hate him either. I guess that counts as some kind of legacy. But good Lord, given the sendoff for the guy, you’d have thought he was George frickin’ Washington. Nice guy. Liked to play golf.

James Brown…
It’s amazing the influence this guy had on American and world music. Unlike, say, President Ford. Who was a nice guy. Liked to play golf.

Saddam R.I.P.
Debating about when he was going to be hanged, debating about how much of his hanging should be shown on television, sneaking him to his hanging, keeping the time of his hanging secret, mocking him just before he was about to be hanged, executioners dressed like anonymous terrorists, video taken surreptitiously on a cell phone – the world’s first YouTube execution came off without a hitch, really, and the world has become that just much more creepy.


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