Sunday, December 03, 2006

Abbreviated Blog

Radioactive world
The death of Alexander Litvinenko has prompted a flurry of feature stories, including a recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle, about a company in New Mexico that sells polonium-210 online. It’s only a trace amount, sold in 0.1 microcurie units, at $69 a pop. It seems that the deadly substance has industrial applications – cleaning dust from film and tape, among other things. More interesting, the company that sells the stuff is owned by Bob Lazar. Remember him? He’s the man who claimed to have worked on alien spaceships at Area 51.

Short blog
I am in the middle of moving this week and next. Entries will therefor be abbreviated. I would direct your attention, however, to, where we are offering a five CD box set retrospective of thirty years of Duck’s Breath audio – bits from All Things Considered, Ian Shoales, Dr. Science, Randee of the Redwood, bits from live shows, snippets from our series, Homemade Radio. Close to five hours of hilarity. Twenty-five bucks. Just in time for Christmas! Check it out.


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